Chapter 22: Results of Everyone's Internships

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A tad bit of flashback

"Wait, I could get punished for doing what I did!?" He said to Hawks with a surprised expression. 

"Yep(p)" Hawks replied nonchalantly while eating some chicken nuggies.

"Then--" Y/n was about to say something when Hawks cut him off.

"No worries! I have explained to the police I was testing you! I was gonna jump in if anything went south. Which it did..." Hawks said the last part with less enthusiasm. 

"Yeah... Sorry for not reaching your expectation, Hawks--" He was interrupted yet again.

"You kidding!? You did well all by yourself at the coffee shop! You were awesome- But I'm more awesome than you, so that's that!"


Our boy, Y/n, is walking down the hall towards his class while reminiscing what Hawks said to him before he heads back to U.A. While walking he could hear the commotion in his classroom, 1-A.

"What's going on over there...?" He asks himself as he walks faster to his destination.

The commotion's getting louder. He could make out the sounds to be a set of laughter. Arriving, he opens the class' door. He couldn't believe his eyes as he looked at the sight he's seeing.

"AHAHAHAH, FOR REAL!? NO, BUT FOR REAL, BAKUGO!?!?" Both Kirishima and Sero laughed their asses off when seeing Bakugo with, unusual hairstyle. "My hair got used to this damn hairstyle, so it won't go back even after I wash it!" Bakugo explained to his best ability as he trembled in embarrassment from the two boys laughing at him.

Then, the three noticed Y/n entering that class with his stoic expression. Bakugo glared at him for a while, when Y/n suddenly turns his head to the side, letting out a stifle.


"Don't laugh, Damnit!! I'll kill you!!!"

"I'd like to see you try, side-part boy!" Sero said in between laughs. 

"What'd you say!?!?" Bakugo barked. And then, his hair restored its shape like a bomb.

"It's back!"

Trying to hod the laughter, Y/n walks to his seat in a fast manner. But he was stopped when he saw Midoriya. Changing his course, he went straight for the greenette.

"Huh- Oh, Sosaki-- Wait, Sosaki slow down!-" Midoriya got cut off when a pair of hands grabbed his shoulder, then shook him violently. 

"Midoriya! You were there right!? When Hero Killer: Stain attacked, right!? Iida and Todoroki too! Are you guys alright!? Did Stain make permanent damage to you guys!? I'm glad that Endeavor saved you guys!" He asks worriedly. While the others were weirded out by Y/n's worrywart behavior, the trio felt a bullseye when he mentioned 'Hero Killer: Stain' and 'Rescued'.

"Yeah. Rescued..." Todoroki agrees bitterly, which went unnoticed by almost all of his classmates.

"I saw it on the news: Something about the Hero Killer and The League Of Villain being connected? I shiver just thinking of how USJ would have played out had such a terrifying person had come on the ambush too." Ojiro gives them his thoughts. 

"Right, he was pretty scary- Buuuut; Did you watch the Video Ojiro? I dunno if it was his single-track mind or tenacity or whatever, but didn't you think he was kinda cool, too?" Kaminari said, not thinking further. Which caused to...

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