Chapter 25: Wild-Wild Pussycats!

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(A/n: Hi guys! Welcome to another chapter of Blade Dance! Again, a massive thanks from me to all of you guys who read this book! Without further ado, let the reading commence!)

(N/n= Nickname)

We're back with our favorite hero-to-be! Now, he's on his way to where the training camp will be held by bus with his fellow 1-A's classmates.

Even after knowing about the location of the place, he dare not to leak it out, as per his mother's instruction, and Aizawa's saying that the place's info is leaked. Endangering them to the League of Villains.

Sitting there quietly in his seat, his mind is racing with the new piece of information, and the issue of Black Knight.


"He's villain name is Black Knight. Though, I bet that you knew him already, albeit not by his alias." Hawks said after the last day of their internship together.


"The place you're going for your training camp is at the place where... You know..." She trails off, not wanting to tell him directly.


Still contemplating on the information, he didn't realize the worried stare his classmate beside him gave off.

Adding the loud noise the other classmates producing, it's making his head the with annoyance and clicked his tongue unconsciously.

"That's it. What is wrong with you, Sosaki?" His seatmate, Kyoka Jirou, asked, irritated by Y/n,s constant brooding.

"Hm...? Oh, Jirou... It's nothing, so don't worry" He quickly dismissed.


"Yeah, and besides... "

"... Rest stop!" Aizawa announced from the front, silencing the never-ending chatter.


The class hastily walk out of the bus to get some fresh air, stretching from an hour-long ride, and going to the bathroom.

Mineta, which was the one who wanted to go to the bathroom, holds his hands on his crotch. He'll not last long.

But curiously, they wondered...

"Wait, where are we? This isn't the rest stop"

"Where Class B?"

Then, Aizawa spoke up.

"To say there are no ulterior motives would be a lie..." He said, which intrigued some of them who paid attention.

Suddenly, a new voice called to him, and Aizawa visibly slump in dismay.

"Heeeyyy, Eraser! It's been a while!" The person said, alerting a certain hero fan.

"With sparkling eyes, we rock on!!" The first one cheered.

"Cute, cat, stinger!!" And a second person followed after.

They both then strike a pose, their signature team pose. Kota and Kuroha were in the background, with her having her hands in front of Kota.

"The Wild & Wild Pussycats!!" They cheered.

Midoriya started to rant about them, which was Y/n's mother and her friend of course.

He knows about her being his mother, but he has never seen them or her in action.

"One of the four heroes team that founded the Union Affairs Office! They specialize in mountain rescue operations, and are veterans in their fields! They have 12 years of experience with them-!"

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