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So I've decided to make a Q&A about this story while I'm bot editing, re-writing and altering my ideas and plans for this story. I've always wanted to do a Q&A on one of my stories so why not one thats been chilling out for a while?? I'll be uploading questions asked between 2 mins-12 hours of being asked, so look out for those and I'll let you know ehen your questions have been updated onto here!!!

JCharm4 Asked: "Quick Question, why dosen't she have wings?"

So the main reason she dosen't have wings is not because I decided "my story, my rules", but it was from the idea that some people are born without limbs, such as Charles B. Tripp (a completely legless man) and Eli Bowen (a completely armless man). With that in mind I thought what if a Gargoyle was born without wings, what kind of troubles would they go through and what would they have to deal with, how would that affect them growing up. That's why Tallulah is a gargoyle without wings, just because she's wingless dosent make her any less of a gargoyle compared to anyone else in her clan.

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