I'M REWORKED!! "Sleeping Through The Storm"

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Most of New York was sleeping through the storm. The clock attached to the police department struck 3, copper sheet used for the minute hand had long since torn off while the
gunmetal hour hand continued its rotation against the harsh winds. New York was being hit by one of the worst storms of the century, not many were sure if it was a hurricane as it came up from the southeast or if it was a blizzard from all the thick flurry of snow that blanketed the city. Whatever it was it had decided to crawl at a painfully slow rate, no one dared brave its winds, not even a group misplaced by time.

The last of the Wyvern Clan sat within the highest floor in the clock tower, all sitting in a circle on the floor chatting amongst themselves. With the storm came power outages, and with power outages came little entertainment so they made do with what they originally had, each other. That was until a slender figure dressed in a red jacket and blue jeans came up the stairs, a cardboard box labeled 'Games' in sharpie across the front was held in her arms. "You boys looking for some entertainment?" the tanned skin woman asked, holding up the box while walking over to the group.

"Eliza!" The group of gargoyles became active, smiles upon their faces as the youngest of them came over, more to look in the box than the parson. She smiled, handing the box over to them so they could rummage through it. The box held a few candles, which Eliza took out to light so they could see what they were doing, or at least herself. Interest caught her eye as she looked up the stairs that lead to the clock face's door, knowing that a figure was hiding up there. Taking a small box of unused crayons and a coloring book she walked up the stairs, gold eyes watching her every move. "Don't worry. I'm sure she'll enjoy these even after the storm." The woman smiled, placing the box with the booklet by the curled-up figure. A small head popped up from her side, chirping loudly and stumbling over the body.

The smaller, much younger gargoyle took to the new objects very quickly, letting the larger out unfurl itself and sit up, a bit of stretching showed well rest has come even on a bed of hay. A voice semi-rasped yet smooth as honey spoke up, "Thank you, Eliza." The mother gargoyle never spoke much, if at all. Anything said was either directed to Goliath, Hudson, or Eliza; usually, Eliza was talked too much more often. The others only got low growls or wordless stares every time they passed to head outside. As much as they were told that she would eventually loosen up around them, Tallah seemed to have other plans.

Eliza made her way back down the stairs where the gargoyles had set up the board game Clue, she decided to sit this one out just to see how they played. While the little gargoyle scribbled away Tallah moved closer to the ledge to watch, as anti-social as she was to them she did quite enjoy watching them and one of them knew this. Said knowledge made him determined to win.

Said determination had led him into a box. For the life of him, Brooklyn could not figure out who was the suspect, the weapon, and even what the room was. Not even Lexington could figure it out. The group was ready to look in the secret envelope, right as they were about to open it that honey-rasped voice called out from above. "Miss Josephine Scarlet with a revolver in the dining room." The sudden voice caught the attention of everyone, besides Linden who had covered a whole page in colors. Lexington pulled the three cards out of the envelope, surprised as he looked up and asked, "How did you know?" She just gave off a chuckle before slinking away back to the hay bed, resting her head back and pulling a blanket over herself.

The group decided to play again, only this time Brooklyn and Eliza switched so he would be out for this game. He was much more focused on trying to get close to Tallah again. Every time he'd get close, she'd growl or lash out at him. As aggressive as she was, she had never actually hurt him, just more of startled him back and away from her. That bold, brash determination came up again, moving to be near Linden he sat next to her, watching her scribble away at the paper. Unlike her mother, the little white gargoyle would just giggle away when looking up at anyone, and Brooklyn was no exception. She would just hold up a whittled-down crayon as if asking him to draw with her, and so he did. He knew if he was gentle and calm around Linden then Tallah would let him be as it had happened many occasions before.

He talked gently to the little gargoyle, her often puffing out her wings when he'd praise her for doing a good job so it was no surprise that she was much more comfortable trying to climb over his legs to sit on his lap and continue her colorful destruction to the book. He just observed the little bundle of joy. All her giggles, chirps, and other odd sounds she made in response came to a screeching halt as thunder cracked loudly. It must have hit the light pole on the top of the clock tower from how loud it had boomed.

The tower shook lightly, though the sound and sudden flash caused Linden to screech and cry, Brooklyn taking immediate action to cradle and hold her to his chest while she clung on. The loud cracking not only startled Linden but also brought Tallah out of her nap. She would have nearly attacked Brooklyn for holding Linden but refrained when she saw him calming down the little gargoyle. She still had the urge to soothe her upset hatchling but was not fond of getting close just yet.

Brooklyn went to move Linden closer to Tallah so she could be comforted by her mother, but the hatchling had other ideas. She only screeched and cried when he tried to move her away from him, yet she still cried for her mother. He gave Tallah a sympathetic but almost pleading look to let her guard down for now. As much as she hated it, it was the best way to calm the little ball of fear. Her ears sat flat along her head, making a small motion for Brooklyn to come closer. He took no time to move over, pushing himself into the corner for support while he opened his wings. "It'll be warmer for the both of you." He responded to Tallah's small look that was uncomforting. A heavy huff left her snout, moving over to have her legs lay across her lap, shoulder to shoulder, letting Linden quickly cling onto the two. It was obvious she didn't know what to do as Brooklyn wrapped his wings around the three of them, and as much as she hate to admit it, he was much warmer than the blanket. Tallah hummed softly, stroking Linden's back while resting her snout under Brooklyn's jaw. The gesture caught him off guard, but he quickly melted into the small bit of affection, even if it was more for Linden than for him.

The two grown gargoyles hadn't said a word to each other as the hatchling calmed down, getting so worked up had put herself to sleep, still clinging tightly to the two of them. "You reacted quick."

"Hm?" He had zoned out hen holding the two. "You reacted quickly. Thank you." Tallah replied again, her voice a little more rasped as if she was tired. "O-oh... You're-" he cleared his force from a small voice crack, "You're welcome." He stayed quiet for a bit before speaking up again. "Would you like me to move away now that Linden is asleep..?" "..." No reply. Brooklyn moved his head a bit to tilt it, just to get a look at Tallah's face to see she had fallen hard. She was dead to the world from how quickly she had fallen asleep. It caused him to give a smug look as he felt he had accomplished something that night. Holding them closer he laid his head back upon hers, finding a comfortable position for his jaw before closing his eyes with a smile.

"Goodnight Tallah. And Goodnight Linden." Brooklyn spoke in a hushed tone, unknowing of the hug his tail has received from hers, intertwined while the small group lay still in the corner.

Eliza came up the stairs after hearing the cries die down, smiling as she saw the two.

Sleeping through the storm.

Holy shit hi guys I do be livin'. What do you guys think of my new writing style? I started this at like 3 in the morning and I'm making out with Mr. sunshine rn at 7 AM. Okay so big changes! Talulah is now named Tallah and our Lil Nani has a real name now! I saw Linden in NY a few weeks back and It's a pretty important BLVD as it's like the main street so that's where she go the name! This story has 1500 words in it!! Like wow! That's the most I've written since Highschool! I now have time to catch up on this story and finally start working on it as I got my GED a few months back and I'm moving in with my honey near the end of the month. Not employed rn and living off of my Kofi shop but if I ever do Gargoyles button pins or stickers I will happily link it in the future! I hope to see you all soon! And don't be afraid to give me any input on this story, any and all is much welcomed!

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