Chapter 3- Strange New World

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Days began to pass, days turned to nights and nights into weeks to months to years. Through each year the strange statue of what many thought was some dragon with its egg was passed around. Owner to owner, growing moss and gaining grime from many times being left outside through all weather. Mostly bough and sold for the richest the two came to their final destination, a deep cleaning and a glass case.

The two were transported to The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY, Manhattan. For days she was called 'Mother of Stone' and was adored for the detail on her skin, many never knowing of her imprisonment. All but a select group hiding out in a clock tower of the same city.

Elisa clicked the remote to the TV that Hudson usually watched with Bronx. "Guys, I think you should check out this new statue at the museum. I think you guys will know what it is." Goliath, Lexington, Brooklyn and Broadway all came over to the TV to see what was on.

The announcer spoke as they showed a picture in the background. "A new addition to The Metropolitan Museum of Art has artists and visitors calling it Mother of Stone. This beautiful peice is said to date back hundreds of years and has had it's fair share of being passed around." Pictures showed on the screen of her at many different areas of the states. "From the looks of it it seems that little egg of hers is taking a good look around the world and-"

Elisa switched the TV back to what Huddon was watching and looked to Goliath. "Have any idea is that's a gargoyle?" His wings clasped together as he thought. "Could be. Though we would have to take a closer look at it if so." Elisa just nodded her head a bit. "Well the museum closed an hour ago if you guys would like to check it out." Lexington looked up to their leader, making a suggestion, "Maybe we could try and have her on our side? " Goliath though about the idea for a moment and sighed. "Alright. Broadway, Brooklyn and Lexington will come with me to the museum." Elisa smiled softly, "Don't let the guards see you guys." The four walked to the door of the clock and left outside, gliding off into the night

The flight was short and security low that night, making it easier to slip in unnoticed. Talula and her hatchling sat under a sky light, the moon highlighted every detail on her, including every injury that had scared over. She burns on her back made it seem as if she had wings at one point in her life while the hatchling's eye could be seen perfectly from the crack in its shell. Talula's eyes showed she was just seconds from realization.

"Wow.." Lexington looked around her as well as Broadway and Brooklyn while Goliath looked at a way of getting her out of the glass without any alarms. "These wounds are too real to be sculpted so cleanly." Goliath's voice spoke quietly as Lexington messed with the lock on the side. Surprisingly it came undone and the back glass panel opened up. "We should at least get her out of there-" Brooklyn reached over to her, his hand just touching her arm before she started cracking. It caused him to shoot his hand away while she woke. The contact with her egg cause it too to wake from its slumber, though the cracking was now both her and the ego's shell.

Talula's emotions carried through with her waking, causing her to break free and yell, "DON'T YOU LAY A FINGER ON MY BABY YOU WITCH!!" Before looking around, her emotions changed from anger to confusion. Then concern when she heard a soft pip. The small hatchling yawned and stretched, curling up to her mother's side. A small, white, female layed curled up to her mother as Talula's tail coiled around her and cradled her.

Goliath's voice came again, saying calmly, "We must go, before the guards catch us." It caused her to look over at the four, one she was unsure and rather scared. Though her mind came to fact that they knew where they where more than she did. Slowly she crawled out of the box only to stumble as she hasent stood for years. Brooklyn caught her as quickly as he could and looked over to Goliath. "We must go, quickly." They could hear someone approaching, so Brooklyn put Talula onto his back and climbed, following the others out and starting their way back home.

"I could hold her for you." He called over his shoulder, looking at her and she just shook her head. It was reasonable enough that she didn't trust him yet so he let it be. Though she would occasionally hug a little tighter or nuzzle his head which made him grateful for already being red skinned.

It had been ages sence Talula could see the skys again with the aid of a fellow gargoyle. Looking around she was amazed by all the lights below them. "Have the stars fallen? Is that what all those lights are? Starts?" She was put to more confusion when she heard Brooklyn laugh slightly.

"No, that's a city. They have lights inside their homes and on the streets so bright you cant see the stars too well."

It still left an awe among her while she looked around, though she layed her head next to his not too long after as she had become overwhelmed. "How long have I been asleep..."

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