Chapter 41

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Silence filled the room. Its not akward nor uncomfortable. Just a slight tensed but its managable. Thallos was just staring at the ceiling for minutes now while Henry just reminisce the past. Loud continues knock wakes the older and snap back into reality, while thallos just tilt his head sideways diverting his gaze in the door

"Come in"

The door opens revealing a bothered face of Francis. The butler didnt seem to notice his young master at the moment and just locked his attention on the Elder Svedien.

"Master. Pardon my intrusion, but there is something you must know"

Francis didnt even took a glance at his master's visitor since he was too occupied about the sudden news. The elder's faced suddenly became uneasy and wait for what his butler was about to say next

"Its about young master shawn. He was shoot in his arm from some certain assasins from venom. But dont worry young master levi already made his actions and thankfully they rescued the young masters at exact time. For now, young master shawn were already rushed to the hospital for proper treatment"

Henry sigh in relief but its expression turns into a dark one.

"I see"

He just simply responded. Francis sigh and suddenly got stunned when he saw his first ever young master sitting like a prince in the couch with a confused expression.

"Young master Evan?"

Francis uttered in disbelief, Locked eyes widen by the sudden appearance of the missing eldest son of Svedien. He cant believe aswell. In the empire only the family of henry knows thallos identity. Not even the official knows that he exist. As far as they know, Levi was the main eldest which is true, but furthermore the family tree of henry were the most secretive and the most mysterious family in the business industry. Henry and his decease wife Elizabeth hide thallos existence in the empire, Making him live in romania for more than 15 years. He worked in the empire when he was 18. Make his public appearance and didnt used his non biological surname instead he faked his identity and enter as Evan Scallum.

"In flesh, butler Francis"

Thallos chuckle and sat down straight crossing his legs and arms in unison. There was a questionable expression written on its face. His young master was a pure italian. He was being adopted when he was 3 by the svedien couple. He cant speak Filipino language but he can understand some words.

"What are you guys talking about?"

Both of the elders snap back into reality when thallos questioned them, as if on cue henry stands up and walks towards his desk without saying anything. Francis cant even talk and just shut his mouth waiting for his master's approval's explaination

"Papa. Who is shawn? Why did butler france called him young master?"

The atmosphere suddenly went heavy when thallos serious aura filled the whole room. The elder svedien sighs heavily and massage his temple, like he was a having a hard time on how to explain things to his eldest son.

'God- help my master with this'

Francis said on his thoughts and still keep silent.


"Shawn is your younger brother"

Then. There it goes. His master finally spitted out the beans and his secret. The old butler notice how thallos eyes widen and its reaction were utterly priceless.

"Wait what???? How did the heck that happen?. I have another sibling other than Kel and Luis?"

Evan's eyes almost fell out on it sockets while looking at his father. Henry just silently nod while his son stands up and mess his hair

"Oh god . Papa. Since when? Why i didnt know this one?"

"You were too busy in your life Thallos. Too focused in your own world and job. Technically you spent your years in training and mastering some digital hacking while teaching your two younger sibling aswell in combat"

His father bluntly stated earning a soft groaned from the latter. Still procesing what his father said, Evan manage to keep his composure and put his hands on his waist

"What happen? Why did he got shot? I just heard some name of certain organization. Venom? That tiny pieces of shits?"

Thallos was raised to become the svedien heir but declined the position. He doesnt want to rule an empire instead he just want to be free and can do what he wants.

"Yes, but ofcourse your brother Ezikiel already take measures about it, dont worry everything is under control"

Henry said with reassurance that calms thallos down for abit. Still he still cant believe the fact that he has one more sibling.

"Where is kel now by the way? I miss that brother of mine. How is he?"

To lighten up the mood, thallos swayed the topic for a total change or atmosphere. On the other hand Francis is the one who answered.

"Young master Levi is doing good. But he was so mad of your sudden disappearance young master Evan. You know how much young master levi adores you, then all of the sudden you left without a single word"

Thallos crack a laugh and shake his head. Imagining their meet up will be bloody since he knows how levi works when its mad.

"Son, i will ask a favor since you are back now"

The sudden change of mood lingers upon. Thallos clear his throat and face his father with a serious expression

"Spill papa"

"I want you to go to the philippines later at night"

Stunned on his spot thallos forehead cease and click his tongue in annoyance. He scrunch the tip of his nose and sighs


"I have so many business to attend right now and your brothers needed you. Atleast, Explain what happen to you and talk to levi aswell"

A heavy feeling indulge on thallos. he cant say no this time since he has a lot of things to fixed especially on Levi. And since he needs to do his part now as the older brother, he didnt thought about it and agree

"Alright. But before that let me pack my stuff first and give me the ticket. I will took my flight later on"

"Surely Levi will be fucking suprised at your presence. I will send you the details and the location of their house in the phil. Butler john will be going with you and escort you to the main house"

Thallos laugh and acts dramatically while putting his hand on his chest.

"Damn surely levi will gonna kill me"

The older svedien just smirk and raise his eyebrow

"He will, probably"

After their private talk thallos made his exit and says that he will deal some business affairs he needs to attend. Napabuntong hininga ang matandang svedien at pagod na umupo sa kanyang swivel chair.

"Master. Hindi mo sinabi ang lahat sa kanya. Trust me young master Evan will gonna freak out kapag nalaman niyang hindi lang isa kundi labing tatlo pang kapatid niya ang sasalubong sa kanya sa mansion"

Francis blurted out with a worried face. Tumawa nalang ng pagak ang matanda at inayos ang suit

"Its his punishment aswell. Bahala siyang i handle ang sitwasyon sa oras na makilala niya ang mga kapatid niya. That kid always gave me stress when he turns 18 kaya its a simple revenge from his father. After all hindi niya kayang humindi sakin"

Smile crept on the butler's lips and just shake his head. Svedien are really unpredictable and most of all. The dangerous family in underworld.

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