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"You protect what
you love."


tw: minor blood and violence

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tw: minor blood and violence

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"Alright Makkari is locating the deviants. Ikaris, Druig, and Sprite you're up." Sprite makes eye contact with me and I nod and give her a small smile for reassurance

Makkari speeds back to us and alerts us that she found where most of the deviants are. I nod to the next group telling them that they're up. I smile to Makkari and she high fives me. The next group vacates the ship and makes their way to the deviants. Thena is slicing and taking down deviants as she usually does.

Ajak smiles to me and nods. Phastos says "We're up?"

I nod and say "We're the dance control for each group. So, we'll split up. Good luck."

I fly up and go to assist the others. Kingo shoots at a deviant and I dive down to assist. He says "Nice of you to join us." I smile as I blast the side of the deviant. With rapid fire of cosmic blasts from the both of us there is a massive hole in the side of the deviant. It slacks over with its eyes rolling back in its head. Tongue and tentacles slacking down. Kingo says "Thats never not going to be disgusting."

I shoot the deviant again sending it into the crashing waves

He nods and says "A bit overkill but it works."

I give him a look and say "You were just complaining about how it looks. So now you don't have to look at it. It's sinking to the bottom of the ocean now."

Kingo shrugs and says "Now that's kind of depressing."

I sigh and say "Focus on the mission not your emotions Kingo."

He nods and says "I'm an emotional man alright? I have emotions there is nothing wrong with-"

"Oh my god. Go help Gilgamesh and stop getting teary eyed over literal deviants."

He nods and runs away from me towards Gilgamesh and Thena. I look around trying to assess the situation.


I turn around confused and see a group of village people right behind me. Shit. Arrows pointed right at me. I smile to them and say "It's dangerous out here. Shouldn't you find your family and get to safety?"

They aim the weapons towards me and I say "Easy there. We are only here to help..." I'm trying to do this the Mother Earth way. Not the pissed off Gaia way. But I am slowly getting to the point where I'm just gonna have to take serious matters into my own hands.

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