quit it

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"In a fight they're lethal.
Around each other they melt."
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"Quit following me, Druig."

He scoffs and says bitterly "No."

"I mean it."

"Yeah that's not gonna stop me." He shrugs

I huff and say "I don't need assistance. I'm taking a shower and then taking a long deserved rest. So goodbye." He purses his lips and says "Then I'll wait in your room because I don't feel it's necessary for Ajak and Makkari to get mad at me."

"Boo fucking hoo. I have this covered. I'm not-"

He cuts in, finishing my line "A damsel in distress and you don't need my saving. Yeah. You made that clear. Get over yourself and quit being stubborn."

I scoff and say "Says the most stubborn person ever."

He nods and says "There's only enough room for one extremely stubborn person on the team."

I enter my bedroom and slam my door shut but he sticks his foot in the doorway. Stopping the door. He pushes it open and says "I'm going to continue being just as stubborn as you Gaia."

He shuts the door behind me and I say "I can give you stubborn gaia if that's what you're saying." He scoffs and says "This isn't you being stubborn..." I drop my mission suit on the ground and cross my arms to him. He gulps and his eyes widen. His eyebrows raise and I tilt my head to him. He looks to my silk undergarments and I put my arms out to my side.

He stands there motionless and I say "I'm going to continue to take off my clothes and get in the shower. So... goodbye." He smirks and says "And you think I would pass off that offer?" I scoff and say "Wasn't an offer." He nods and says "Well, you need to accept my help. Especially since you missed a cut right here." He walks towards me and points at my side, up closer to my ribcage. I look down and mutter "Shit."

He pushes me forward and towards the bathroom. He plants me down at my vanity and walks over to the sink. He grabs the hand towel and holds it under the water. He walks over to me and says "Raise your top." I scoff and he shakes his head and says "Not like that you optimist." I laugh and say "In your dreams."

I slide my undergarment up to just cover my breasts and he walks towards me as I lean back in my chair. I extend my hand for the wash cloth but he ignores me

God he probably loves to see me vulnerable and weak like this.

He stares at the wound and says "Looks like a deviant was able to get a hit in on you." He presses the cold wash cloth to me and I gasp. He says "What? Why are you gasping?"

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