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"Sometimes the past
should just stay in
the past."
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I enter Phastos' lab looking for him after he requested a meeting with me. He looks up briefly from his holograms and says "We picked up something interesting on the monitors I think you'll find interesting." I look up and say "Hm? What did you pick up?"

He smiles and says "Come take a look."

I walk over to him and look at the monitor. I groan as I look to the hologram and say "Why are they on earth?" He shrugs and says "Probably causing trouble then leaving soon after to not get caught."

I nod and he smiles "They're your exes."

I say sarcastically "I just love how you felt the need to use that as a plural." I roll my eyes at him and cross my arms. He laughs and says "You really do get around."

I gasp and punch him roughly in the shoulder "Asshole. Shut up."

He says "Do you want to be the one to deal with them?"

I smile and say "I'm explicitly not allowed to interfere remember? Ajak forbade me." He sighs and says "Well, obviously they're trying to attract someone's attention and it clearly isn't mine."

I shake my head and say "Well, I'm not interested in their games. They need to grow up."

He chuckles and says "It's because they called you a cougar isn't it."

I gasp and punch his arm repeatedly "Shut up! That's not the reason! They're asgardian and irritating."

Phastos smiles and says "Send kingo then, he was there when thor was born."

I groan and say "Why don't we just act like we don't know they are even on earth and leave it at that?"

Phastos hesitates and says "Ehh.. mhhhmmm... yeah no. You know how much Kingo loves Thor."

"Kingo has horrible taste."

Phastos says "He said he'd date you."

I scoff and say "You're about to get a blast through your carotid arteries."

He pushes me away from him and says "Go deal with your boyfriends. I'm creating a cool thing called a scooter."

"Boring. Bye."

I walk out and quickly walk out of the base. Maybe if I just handle the boys and send them on their way nobody on the team even has the chance to taunt me about the brothers

I can already hear kingo asking for comparisons of experience with each of them

"So who has a bigger...hammer?"

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