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"Slipping through my
fingers all the time."


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I stare at Druig with an annoyed look on my face as he stands by the swarm of humans holding daisies. I shake my head and say "What are you doing?" Daisies.

"I'm trying to apologize."

I shake my head and says "We are not talking about this with everyone here." He looks around and the humans disperse. "Who's everyone?" He attempts a smile and says "I remember giving you that daisy, because I saw you admiring them. The second I woke up on the ship I saw your beautiful face. I thought that I wanted to see that face every morning waking up. I messed up Gaia.. Like seriously and disgustingly messed up."

I cross my arms and say "You said horrible and disgusting things to me."

He nods and walks towards me. "I know. I never should have spoken to you that way." He steps closer and I put my hands out and say "Nope. Not a step closer. Also don't enter my mind like that again. I mean it."

He nods and "Alright. Understood."

I narrow my eyes at him and say "You slept with a woman."

He nods and says "That's a very blunt statement of what happened."

"It's what happened."

He sighs and says "Yeah. I made a mistake. A huge one and I'm tired of hiding from you. This past week is the longest I've ever gone without you beside me and it's been the worst week of my life. And I needed you.."

I get snarky and say "Gross. You're being a sap. It was actually only 6 days."

He scoffs and says "Not funny."

I bite down on my lip and say "You thought I slept with Thor and Loki."

He nods and says "I wasn't using my brain."

I nod and look to my slippers. God he probably gets a kick out of my slippers and bed head right now. I chime in "I should have communicated with you before I left."

He shrugs and says "I was being spiteful and a shitty person. You have every right to hate me."

I scoff and say "I told you I couldn't hate you."

He nods and says "Yeah, also that you couldn't love me either."

I cross my arms and rock back and forth on my heels. "I don't forgive you. But you shouldn't forgive me either. I said shitty things to you. Also the fact that I may not have told the team to be mad at you but they still are. I'm not going to fix that for you."

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