slip ups

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"Are you afraid
of yourself too?"


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"I will throw you off that cliff I swear to god."

Druig laughs and says "I asked one question!"

I nod and say "An extremely stupid question!" He chuckles and says "Alright, I don't believe it's stupid. Come on, Gaia."

"I told you no."

He groans and says "Makkari and everyone else is already there." I nod and say "I hate surprises. You know that." He nods and says "Well, it's not a surprise anymore. You were persistent enough to pry it out of kingo."

"I hate birthdays. They're not even real. Can't believe your asking me to go." He groans and says "Get down from the tree before I get Ikaris to tackle you down from up there."

I scoff and say "You wouldn't dare." He sighs and says "Oh Ikaris... Ikaris!" "Shut up! Sssshhhhhhh!!" He opens his mouth to shout louder and I grumble as I climb down the tree. "I hate you and birthdays." He chimes in "And surprises. I know Gaia. You say it every time." He presses his hand to my back and I say "Watch those hands sir." He raises an eyebrow and says "Thought you wanted to waste time."

"Nope. You lied and tricked me into going to this fake birthday party." He nods and says "Well, you're the one who chose the day."I nod and say "like a century or 8 ago. Your date you chose is better."

"They'll be cake."

"Fine. It better have good frosting."

He rolls his eyes and says "You're being difficult."

"Difficult is my middle name." I chime in. He says "You don't have a middle name." I scoff and say "I told you, it's difficult and I expect to be called it." Druig nods and says "Okay Gaia Difficult, let's go-"

A loud roaring noises is heard behind us. Druig pushes me forward and says "Get to the others now!"

"I'm not leaving you!"

He nods and says "Gaia! Now!"

My lip quivers and I say "I won't leave you."

"We need help Gaia and there's more approaching. Please.."

I nod and hesitate while I run to find the others. Tears falling down my face quickly. We can't take down 8 deviants by ourselves, this was a planned attack.


Druig shakes my shoulders. "Gaia."

My eyes fully white stare ahead. He shakes my shoulders aggressively and says "Gaia!" He jolts me and starts muttering lines of curse words. He shakes my shoulders when I suddenly lunge to hurt him. He groans from my punch to his stomach. He mutters another line of curse words and groans.

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