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"I bet on losing dogs."

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About a few hundred years later:

Ajak smiles and we all cheer as Sersi says "We're getting married!"

Druig bites his tongue and Ajak says "I'm so happy for you two! You'll have such a beautiful wedding! It'll be absolutely perfect."

Sprite wanders off somewhere and I go to find her. I enter the living room and I see her face down in the pillow. Silently screaming.

I sit down on the footstool beside her and rub her back. "Sprite.."

"It isn't fair."

I run my fingers through her short hair attempting to comfort her. "Ikaris marrying Sersi?"

She nods as she turns to me with tears in her eyes. I sweep the tears from out with under her eyes and say "You're too beautiful to be crying over someone not worth your time."

She puffs her bottom lip out and says "I'm never going to get to find love. I'm going to be stuck in this STUPID body forever."

I smile to her and say "Love is overrated anyway. I think eventually Sersi and Ikaris will crash and burn. They're completely incompatible."

She nods and rests her head on my shoulder. She says "You'll at least stay with me when everyone else finds love right? I can live with you and your husband?"

I hold her cheeks and kiss the top of her head. "Sprite, you will always be welcome with me. Of course you can live with me and my future husband. I'm sure makkari will insist on living with me too."

"Your husband will hate us."

I nod and say "He'll be dismissive and breedable right?"

She cracks into a fit of giggles and I nudge her shoulder. Ajak smiles as she watches from around the corner.

Gaia is stepping into her role nicely.

I grab the sides of her hair and she says "No..doon't." I put them into tiny little space buns and she groans "I look even younger now."

"No you don't. You look very pretty."

"Hmm no."

I look to her and she says "I did that thing you asked me to do." My eyebrow lifts to that and I say "All 10 of them?"

She nods and I high five her loudly. We wince and say "Ouch. Ouch. That stings."

We hear out of nowhere the most high pitched screams ever. We smile to each other and I say "Looks like they've been found."

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