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"Honey, I belong with
you, and only you,
baby, Only you,
my girl, only you, babe"

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╚══════ ∘◦ ❈ ◦∘ ══════╝

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The ship lands and Thena says "That was a very enjoyable session of killing deviants."

Gilgamesh nods and says "It was. Truly. Want to go cook together?"

They smile to each other and Thena says "If you mean watch you cook while I eat then yes." Sprite wants to physically vomit at their exchange. She says "I am so sick of couples. I'm going to slam my head through that wall if I see any more sappy romantic garbage."

Kingo shrugs and says "I think it's adorable and cute. But the real question is which couple is the best." Sprite scoffs and says "There's only one right answer and it's any couple other than Sersi and Ikaris."

Kingo says "Really? I think they're rather cute together. Technically they're the only public relationship. They are married you know."

Sprite says "Gaia and Druig are cuter." Kingo says "They're not even a real couple. Besides, I thought you didn't like Druig. You literally beat him up."

Sprite nods and says "Yeah, duh. Because he slept with that woman and hurt Gaia. He may not deserve Gaia but any relationship with Gaia in, I support."

Kingo smiles and says "She's your buddy isn't she?"

Sprite scoffs and says "She's nice and funny. She doesn't treat me like a 5 year old. She actually treats me like family and I like that. The rest of you are just annoying." Kingo laughs and says "So is she like your mother or big sister? Would that make druig your father or brother in law too?"

Sprite punches Kingo and says "Shut up. I hate you."

Ajak nudges Druig and says "You doing alright?"

Druig looks up and nods "I'm good."

Phastos says "You seem out of it. We thought you'd be more excited to see Gaia again."

Druig nods and says "I am excited but I can't locate her mind currently. I'm just trying to figure out where she is."

Ajak says "She's probably still sleeping." Phastos nods and says "We all know how much she enjoys her beauty sleep."

Druig nods and Makkari speeds past them and Sprite shouts "Makkari! Gaia!"

Makkari turns towards them and they see unconscious Gaia in her arms. Druig pushes past everyone and grabs Gaia from Makkari's arms glaring at her angrily. Sprite says "Druig! Is she okay?!"

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