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"Please, please
Don't leave me."

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I watch Druig intently as the civilians he controlled into submission build our home and community. Makkari speeds around as I remain attached to Druig's arm.

He says "This will be a home in no time."

I nod and say "Ajak will come for us. I should have said goodbye to Sprite at least." He nods and says "I wasn't close with any of the other eternals besides you and Makkari so, I don't exactly have anyone to say goodbye to so I'm good."

I make a pout face and say "That just sounds depressing."

He smiles to me and says "I have you....and I guess I'm stuck with Makkari because you two are a package deal but, she's alright I guess."

I smile to him and say "You're a sap."

He sighs and says "No I am not."

I look around saying "It's going to take some time to adjust to this way of living." He nods and says "Yeah, but we'll be back on the ship all together again before you know it."

"You just want to see Kingo again."

He scoffs and says "Kingo's annoying." I tease him "So are you." He shakes his head and says "You're lucky you're cute." I raise my eyebrows and say "I'm just cute?"

He groans and says "Would you prefer me expressing every single emotion and thought I have about you?" I smile and say "I mean, I wouldn't hate it."

He gives me a look and I grab his chin kissing him. I smile and he shakes his head and attempts to hide his smile.

I loop my arms around him and say "Tell me you love me."

He looks to the people around us and says "Gaia..."

I put my head on his shoulder and he sighs "I love you dearly."

"Good because I love you too."

Makkari directs the workers into the dining area they created and Druig says "She's already distracting them."

I nod and say "Yeah but they deserve a break Druig."

He smirks and says "We deserve a break."

I roll my eyes and say "No. I would like to eat my weight in food and go to sleep with you and Makkari beside me."

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