drunken adventures

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"Shots shots shots
shots shots. Shots,
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 Shots, everybody!!└─────── ↞❉↠ ───────┘

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Makkari nudges me as I watch Druig have conversation with a group of families that live in our community in the Amazons. Reassuring them and talking to them.

He's embraced the leader role nicely.

Makkari flicks my forehead and I turn towards her. I sign annoyed "what?"

"You're gawking over that unattractive man."

I push her and say "Shut up. Druig is very attractive." She smiles and signs "Did you tell him about our plans?" I nod and sign "He knows, he always knows, he isn't too happy about our little adventures you've been dragging me on to get your artifacts you enjoy stealing."

"Your pretty face is a distraction while I speed by to get the artifact."

I shake my head and sign "You only use me to be a distraction." I glare at her and she smiles.

I roll my eyes and she signs "Can we go?"

"Let me speak with Druig first."

I walk towards him and he turns to me as I walk towards him. He extends a hand to me and I slip my hand into his. Makkari groans loudly and I glare at her for a second. Druig loops his arm around me and smiles to me briefly before continuing to speak with the families.

"If we build houses along the perimeter it should create good jobs for everyone."

The woman says "We need a bigger home with our new baby. The home we are already in only has one bedroom and it's difficult to fit three children in already."

Druig nods and says "We will speed up the production of a home on the perimeter. You and the family can move into immediately after it's built."

He nods to their questions and answers a few more before they disperse. Makkari scoffs and we both look to her. He groans and says "You're leaving aren't you?"

I nod and say "Yes. I'll be back before you know it." He sighs and says "If Makkari makes a comment about knocking you out with a shovel I will throw her into the lake."

I nod and say "Pretty sure if you did that she'd rip your limbs off."

He nods and says "I'm 97% sure I could control her to stop before that happened."

I smile and say "Makkari will always be that 3%. Don't wait up for me okay?"

He groans and says "Makkari should bother Kingo."

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