unknown identity

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"Sorry to my unkown lover.
Sorry I could be so blind.
Didn't mean to leave you."

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Sprite puts an airpod in my ear as we eat dinner and plays music through my phone. I hear music queue up and I hear the lyrics through the airpod on my left ear.

Your the one. You're all I ever wanted. I think I'll regret this.

Sprite makes a face at the song and says "You're a mitski stan?"

"Shut up alright?"

She changes the song and it quickly switches to Pocketful of sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield.

Do what you want but you're never gonna break me sticks and stones are never gonna shake me... oh. oh. oh. Take me awwwaaayyy.... A secret placceeee. A sweet escappeee..

Sprite says "Your music taste is all over the place. Do you have a sex playlist?!"

I slap her arm and say "Shut up! That is.. that is not what you think it is!"

She mutters "Who the hell are you sleeping with?"

I glare at her and say "That is not a sex playlist. Shut up. I'm not 15."

Sersi enters the room again and I look to Sprite confused. We slide the airpods back into the case and Sprite looks through my texts while I watch everyone. Ikaris says "What happened?"

My body suddenly stands up and Sprite watches me leave the hut. Am I gonna be sick? What the hell is wrong with me?

I stand still staring at the sun.

My golden orb leaves my chest and I can't move a step. My surroundings change and Ajak is in front of me.

"My sweet and kind Gaia. Hello."

"aj?" My face contorts to confusion. It's been so long since I've visited her.

She smiles and grabs the sides of my face "It's Ajak. Hi my dear. You must be so confused. I'm so sorry. I should have never erased your beautiful memories."

I shake my head and say "They're telling the truth?"

She nods and says "I wanted you to lead us. It was always the plan. But you don't even remember your powers. I couldn't place that burden on you. They are telling you the truth. You can trust the ones you love. But still be wary.."

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