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"Did you get enough love,
my little dove. Why do you cry?
..And I'm sorry I left, but it was
for the best. Though it never
felt right, My little Versailles."

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I've never attended a memorial. I've seen them in movies and heard about them from others. I never expected so much silence after someone dies. I know it's out of respect but even nature seems to have stopped.

Only sound echoing through the forest is the sound of us remaining as still as possible, the leaves and branches snapping under our feet as we shift slightly.

No birds chirping, no insects buzzing.


As we all stood above Gilgamesh's body, Thena remained draped over him still an emotional mess. Sersi rubbing her back.

I stare in shock.

He was just alive 3 hours ago, teaching me how to juggle on the plane.

He can't be gone.

I just met him.

Druig pulls the sleeve off Kingo's jacket as Ikaris lifts Gil's body. Druig ties it tightly around my shoulder as we follow Ikaris in utter silence

Karun has his camera securely away in his pocket out of respect for the dead.

Kingo doesn't even argue with us when Druig tears his sleeve off to create a tourniquet for my shoulder.

Thena holds tightly to Sersi and Sprite as we enter the town once again. Sersi nods to Druig as he pulls me away from the group. My eyes glued to Thena's distraught figure.

I've never seen a mourning widow, but that's what I'd imagine it to look like.

"Maya. Watch your steps. Focus please."

He pulls my chin forward away from Gilgamesh's body and the others. I just saw two dead bodies... my first two dead bodies.

Not as Gaia, but as Maya.

Gaia has seen too many.

Druig places me down on a chair in a cabin as he starts collecting a few items from the bathroom to clean up the gash

He slides the shirt off my shoulder and takes a cold wash cloth to my wound. I wince and he says "Sorry."

I sigh as I stare at the ground as he dabs the cloth to the gashes. I mutter barely loud enough for him to hear "You're supposed to use warm water..."

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