Chapter 1: Choices

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The Story is up again!

I made a lot of changes, some in plot and well some just edits and removing some things that I thought were irrelevant or were just not worth to have in the story.

So, anyways I hope you guys would enjoy the story this time and if still you find some errors do let me know through your comments.

Also I am editing chapter by chapter and straight away I will post it here and also on AO3 but it will be slow. Me and my friend both were taking a break from our work so we were free and that's why were able to edit this chapter this fast and publish along with writing a different chapter for a different story.

And special thanks to PeacefulHarmionian and SharadKumar838 for being my beta and helping me editing my stories.

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Ministry of Magic,

20th May 2098

A figure wearing a hooded cloak entered the Ministry of Magic and walked past reception security. The figure was wearing a cloak over himself. There was no sound of movement, and no one noticed anyone past them. The man with emerald green eyes, which seemed to radiate power, was approaching the Department of Mysteries. He was going to the veil, the veil of none other than the Veil of Death.

For an ordinary man, they would feel disconcerted just from being so close to the veil. The blowing motion felt like death was calling for you. But for the man under the cloak, who had brushed with Death so many times, he wasn't even slightly concerned.

Harry Potter, the boy who lived, the chosen one, the one who vanquished the dark lord. He has many titles, but none of which suit him even remotely. It has been 100 years since the downfall of Voldemort.

After he vanquished the Dark Lord, he became Auror almost immediately. He first did 2 years of training, and then he went to work.

Harry Potter was no pushover; he was a person who wasn't to be trifled with. He has killed many Werewolves by himself and destroyed many of their dens. He wasn't just hunting werewolves; he also hunted giants and their colonies. So many giants met their fate at his hands that their kind was almost wiped out.

He modified his Patronus charm so that it could kill or fatally wound dementors, not just scare them away. And many individuals, including vampires who supported Voldemort's cause, suffered at his hand.

During this time, he achieved mastery in Mind Arts, Arithmancy, Potions, Transfiguration, Charms, Care of Magical Creatures, Defence against the Dark Arts, Dark Arts and Runes.

In addition to that, he travelled to many places in the world to gain every bit of knowledge he could. He mastered duellist, mind magic, battle magic, and many other skills.

He published study papers on all the dragons, basilisks, Graphons, Chimaeras, and Phoenixes he researched. His research on dangerous creatures such as Chimaeras, Graphons, and Basilisks earned him the title of "professorial research fellow", equivalent to Professor in the non-wizarding world.

The Chambers of Secret had a secret chamber where he found many Parslemagic books, Dark Magic books, and many other items. He also helped in developing the cure for lycanthropy and saved many lives from getting ruined.

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