Chapter 2: Work Begins

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A/N: It took me a long time to publish this chapter because I changed the plot of whole story so I have to write this chapter fully again and that I would consider as an achievement that I was able to write the chapter in just some days with all the extra work that I have for some days. 
Anyways enjoy and do let me know if you find some errors.


Death's last words to him echoed in his mind; he decided not to make much of it. Harry found himself in a black void. Time seemed to be irrelevant here; it could be a millisecond, or it could be an eternity before he could see again. He found himself to be incorporeal, as a soul without a body, standing next to the cupboard that he would have recognized anywhere.

He was back at the Dursleys, and just knowing that he was still sleeping in the cupboard meant that he was there before his 11th birthday, before the delivery of his letter. As he was incorporeal, he walked right past the door of the cupboard and saw his younger self. He looked so young and so fragile. He seemed to be troubled even when asleep, and it was time for him to put a stop to that.

The moment the incorporeal Harry Potter contacted his younger self, his older soul was sucked into the younger body.


Years of hunting dark wizards led Harry to be very cautious of his surroundings. The first thing he did after returning to his body was to check his surroundings. Even with keeping his eyes closed, as he was still adjusting to his young, fragile body. He used his magic, which still responded to him as it always had, to check for dark curses around him and to find out the number of people around him. He also used a Homenum Revalio to check for the number of people close by and a detection charm to find out if there was anyone suspicious nearby. He also used a diagnostic spell to check his own health. [1]

From the spells, he found nothing dangerous around him. He found the traces of some spells, which were just some tracking charms, magic detection charms, and things like that, but nothing harmful. He also knew that all of these were placed by Dumbledore, as he could tell by the feel of the magic. He also found the wards of the Ministry to track the use of magic, but he would come to them later.

From the diagnostic charm on himself, he came to know that he was 6 and just going to be 7! He had broken bones, malnutrition, bad eyes, and some more old injuries, among some minor infections here and there.

Harry snorted. He knew that his physical condition was awful, and it would take him years to get back to where he was in the future. The detection charm on him and around him also revealed that he had a shrunken trunk and a wand with him.

As his eyes were still closed, he didn't know where the wand was and what the wand was, but he knew that most probably it would be his personal wand. The charm revealed that there were four people in the house, including him, which was as it should be. However, from this point on, Harry knew that his work had begun.

First, he checked himself, his Occlumency shields; Damn he cursed, they were in very bad condition. All the defences built by him were dispelled. His memories were trying to merge with the memories of his younger self. His soul, as he had learned to discover in his mindscape, was also trying to merge with that of his younger self, and also the souls of his parents and two unborn sisters were also there, anchored to his younger self. His magical core also had a similar picture; it was conflicting but not unwelcoming to him; they were trying to dominate each other rather than merge.

In total, Harry knew that he was a mess right now, and it would take him some time to get it all resolved. He did a quick Tempus which told him that it was 9 pm BST, 20 July 1987. So, he had around 4 years before his letter arrived for Hogwarts, but that was far away from his current project. Given that it was already 9 pm, he had 12 hours before he would be disturbed in his cupboard. That would be enough time for a person who had devoted himself to the mind arts, like him, to get things right.

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