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mike was putting away a pile of books into a cart.

"hey mike!"

mike turned around to see a guy with curly hair and a cap on.

he sighed.


"what's up man?"

"nothing much just doing my job."

"you gonna lend me the library for today?"

"no, i have to stop doing that for you dustin. i'm gonna get caught."

"you are so annoying."

"im sorry i don't wanna loose my job! i like it here."

"yea yea whatever! look, we only need it for a second-

mike was zoning out dustin.

he was looking at the door to see a kid that looks about his age walk in.

he went to go to the back of the library and disappeared from mike's view.

"hey, are you even listening?"


"ugh see mike you are so annoying."

"i-i-i'm sorry i was just-

"whatever, anyway wanna go eat dinner with me and lucas?"

"im good, my lunch break isn't until 2:30 and it's just 1:46."

"okay suite yourself. see you later mike."


mike continued to put the books away.

when he finished he brought the cart over to a section of the library.

while he put everything away someone came up behind him.

"excuse me."

mike turned around.

he was this skinny brown haired boy who had a green shirt on and pants.

"uh hi."

"do you know where the dinosaur books are it's for a project."

"yea, i can show you over here. follow me."

mike walked over to the dinosaur section.

while he was doing so, a teen was looking through the cart of books.

he pulled out one book.

"many trees, but only a few hundred people."

he took it and left.

mike came back and started to put the books away.

"okay, let's count the books."

mike counted the books.

"wait... there's supposed to be 20 not 19. where's the other book?"

mike returned to the front of the library.

he checked the book receipts.

he checked each and every book.

"okay i'm missing, 'many trees, but only a few hundred people.' where can i find that? did someone not turn in there book?"

mike was frustrated.

"hey mike, you done with those books."

mike looked over to see his close friend daniel who worked with him.

"yeah but i'm missing a book."

he gasped.

"boss isn't gonna like that mike."

"it's okay! we're just not gonna tell him. maybe someone still has it checked out."

"but it would say that it's still checked out. these are books that people returned."

"oh shit."

"you know what i'll help you search."

"oh thanks daniel."

"no problem. that's what friends are for."

he smiled.

"what's the name of the book?"

"many trees, but only a few hundred people."

"alright i'll keep a look out."

he walked around each aisle.

mike did the same.

after minutes of searching they returned to the front.

"didn't find anything."

"me either, ugh i'm screwed."

"it's okay."

he placed a hand on his shoulder.

"hey it's almost 2:30 wanna go out to eat?"

"uhm, sure if you want."

"okay, how about we go now?"


mike said as they walked out the door.

"i'll drive."

daniel said pulling out his keys.


mike hopped into his car.

they drove to a near by restaurant.

they ordered there food.

they were now eating.

"this is actually really good wow."

mike said.

"i know! i come here a lot and it's so good."

"oh by the way i have my wallet in the car can i go get it?"

"no, i'm paying."


"im paying!"

"thank you, sorry."

"don't be sorry i wanna be nice."

mike smiled.

they payed and drove off to the library.

mike got back to the front.

"bye daniel, thanks."

"no problem."

daniel said going to the back of the library.

mike pulled out a book and waited to see if people came in.

i few minutes passed by and mike heard someone pop up behind him.

"it's almost closing time, wanna help me clean up?"

daniel said.

"oh yeah sure."

they started cleaning up.

when they finished they went outside.

"see you tomorrow mike."

"bye daniel!"

they went there separate ways.

hey guys! this is a remake from a stenbrough story i made (an IT ship) and i remade it to fit byler. i changed a lot of stuff and added stuff and what not i felt like the prompt would be so good for this ship. anyway thank you so much for reading, comment on grammar mistakes please so i can change them! love you guys bye! <3

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