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mike was packing up getting ready to leave.

"hey wanna hang out today?"

daniel said walking to to mike.

"i-i think im good."

"seriously? don't let a simple guy get your mood down. he was tired you didn't do anything wrong."

"i know it's just... i feel bad."

"don't feel bad, it wasn't your fault and whatever happened he's got it figured. come on let's hang."

mike sighed lightly.


"yay! see you at my house at 6:00."


daniel left and rode his car away.

mike turned the lights off and walked to his car.

he drove off.

he arrived at his house.

he was getting ready to go to daniels house.

he heard his phone vibrate.

he grabbed it.

will: mike, im so sorry for leaving like that today. i was scared and didn't know what to do. i'm such a baby i'm so so sorry i didn't mean to cry and get scared. i have something to tell you but it's personal so i really don't want to say anything in front of anyone but you. i wanna know if your free tonight so i can tell you? if not it's totally okay i just need to tell you so that you can decide if you wanna keep talking to me. thank you.

mike: it's okay will don't apologize, im going over to daniel's house but i can tell him i can cancel and you can come over now. but whatever it is i would never not be friends with you that's dumb. you said your lonely and want friends and im here. please don't apologize for dumb reasons it wasn't your fault your definitely not a baby.

will: thanks for understanding, you don't need to cancel your plans. have fun okay? good night.

mike: well now i wanna cancel my plans even more.

will: don't do it im not worth it

mike: what? will everyone is worth it no matter what they've done.

will: i know... just you can hang with your friend i'll be fine. thank you.

mike: i'm coming over to your house in five minutes.

will: mike...

mike: will.

will: you are kinda stubborn you know that?

mike: well i wanna be nice so i don't wanna be rude.

will: your not being rude if you wanna hang out with your own friend mike.

mike: okay but i lowkey don't want to.

will: lmao, okay then you can come over.

mike: yay! :)

will: see you in five minutes then.

mike: see you

mike quickly called daniel.

daniel answered fast.


daniel said in a harsh tone.

"sorry i can't hang with you today, i've got plans with will."

mike said excited.

"you know what i predicted this was gonna happen. go ahead hang with him. but you better call me and tell me what happens after."

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