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they arrived at the restaurant.

they sat down at a table.

"this lwooks like a lot of money a-re you sure you don't w-want me to pay?"

"it's okay will i got it."

"twank you."

will said signing thank you.

"so what do you like to do for fun?"

"i lwike to play uhm vwido games. and uhm... read. i don't hwave many friends s-so it's nice."

"you know i should introduce you to my friends, there gonna like you."

"okay! swounds fun."

the waiter went up to them.

"what would you guys like to eat?"

will looked at mike.

"can you owrder for me?"

"yeah, sure.  he will have a plain burger."

"okay, and you?"

"i'll have the same thing."

"okay, thanks."

she left.

"thank you."

will signed thank you.

"it's no big deal."

they both sat in silence for a moment.

"so if you don't mind me asking, how'd you become deaf?"

will didn't hear what he said he spoke to fast.

"uh... yweah...?"

"wait what?"

"i- im sorry i dwint hear what you said."

"uhm, if you don't mind me asking when did you become deaf and how?"

mike said slowly.

"well i was six and it just came o-out of nowhere. being honest mwy hearing is coming back really slowly. and i speak sorta weird bwracsue i can't hear myself that much. but it just happened and then i went to the hwospital and they told me i went dweaf so i just accepted it and went on with my life."

"oh wow, good to know."

"yeah... i don't like being deaf but whatever. i lweast im still here living."

mike laughed.

the waiter came by and put there food on the table.

"thank you."

mike said.

they started eating.

"hmm this isn't bad."

will said.

"yeah i like it."

they kept eating.

once they finished mike put out the money and they left.

mike walked in front of the passenger seat and opened the door for will.

"thank you, mike."

will signed.

mike quickly went over to the driver's seat and drove off.

"so you wanna be dropped off home?"

"oh... y-yes please."


mike drove to will's house.

"thank you for pwaying for my food. i appreciate it."

"it was nothing."

mike arrived at will's house.

"here you are."

"thank you."

will signed.

"you know, you say thank you a lot."

will laughed.

mike started to blush.

that was really cute.

"i know, sorry."

"no it's fine. you are all good."

will got out the car and waved goodbye to mike.

mike stayed to make sure will got in safe.

when he got in he drove off.

mike got to his house.

he laid in his bed and smiled.

"wow im making progress."

chapter 3 😎 idk what to put in there's but thanks for reading!! comment on any grammar mistakes please and thanks! love you all <3

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