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mike was driving home.

it was late at night.

he was really tired because he was working pretty hard today.

he arrived at his house.

when he got to his room he went on his phone.

he saw wills contact and stared at it for a while.

mike: hey will, how are you?

mike sent the message.

he put his phone on his bed and groaned.

he laid there looking at his ceiling.

he heard his phone vibrate.

he quickly picked it up and saw.

daniel: yo, you forgot ur jacket and now i'm wearing it 😈

mike rolled his eyes.

mike: bruh i thought you were someone else fuck u

daniel: guess you don't want it back?

mike: fucking keep it for all i care

daniel: damn... ur being mean 😢

mike: okay just bye

daniel: bye den

mike went to will's contact.

no response.

"am i being to clingy? we just met i need to give him time."

mike put his phone away and pulled out his computer to watch a movie.

when the movie ended mike put his computer to charge and changed to get to bed.

he pulled his sheets over himself and tuned off his light.

he stared at his wall and tried to fall asleep.

he heard a vibration from his phone.

he picked it up.

will: hi, sorry i was busy. it's probably late and you're asleep so good night. but if you read this in the morning good morning.

mike smiled.

mike: no it's not to late, hi.

will: oh hi!

mike: how are you?

will: good.

mike: i heard you stopped by today.

will: yeah i was hoping to see you at the front but instead i met with your co worker.

mike: don't mind him he can be mean

will: no it's fine i think it's funny.

mike: i know this was an invasion of privacy but i saw a note in the book and i read it. did you write that?

will: oh... yeah i was just writing about the book. i always write long paragraphs on the books i read so i can keep track and just know if i liked them or not.

mike: that's nice.

mike: so what's the book about?

will: well maybe you should read it and find out. 😉

mike: whyd you wink at me?

will: 😉

will: 😉 😉

mike: enough winking at me

will: fine

will: i'll just cry instead...

will: 😢 😢

mike: don't cry either

will: what do you want then?

mike: cat 🐱

will: pussy!?

mike: will!

mike laughed.

will was so funny.

will: that's my name don't wear it out 😉

mike: will

mike: willlll

will: mike

will: micheal

mike: aye that's my full name

will: micheal? that's kinda ugly

mike: 😳

will: i'm joking.

will: hey you live down ternal drive right?

mike: yes sir.

will: you know we live fairly close to each other right?

mike: yup.

will: if i wanted to, i could bike to your house right now and burn it.

mike: jesus will are you a maniac?

will: maybe.

mike: please come burn my house down.

will: okay coming.

mike: wait for real?

will: mike, ur dumb

mike: i know that

will: anyway i think i should get to bed, it's already 1:35

mike: oh shit ur right okay well good night

will: good night mike

mike turned off his phone and put it away.

comment on grammar mistakes bye!!

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