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mike was back at it again at the front.

this time he was nervous.

he was waiting for will to come in.

hopefully he would come today.

"hey mike, what's up?"

daniel said.

"oh uhm, hi."

"is that dustin coming back? i hope he is he seems chill."

"he's so annoying, he always asks me to borrow the library for him and his "studies" or whatever."

"i think you should, i wouldn't tell anyone. anyway, it looks like your waiting for someone. who is it?"

"your mom."

"mike! your talking to someone and you aren't telling me!"

"okay! mind your own business dang."

mike waited and waited but nobody came.

he signed.

"guess i'll get to work."

closing time came around and mike left the library.

he decided to text will.

but he didn't wanna seem clingy or anything they just met and there just friends.

instead will texted him.

will: hey, it's will i'm sorry i didn't come i was nervous and i didn't want you seeing me i don't know why. im so sorry and hopefully i can come tomorrow.

mike: it's all okay will, actually i don't work tomorrow but maybe next day?

will: or maybe we can hang out? i really enana get to know you i need more friends 😥

will: *wanna sorry

mike: oh if you want.

will: yeah! i do.

mike: you know what i'll pick you up. where do you live?

will: *address*

mike: okay i'll pick you up tomorrow at 3:00?

will: sounds good. :)

mike: bye! goodnight!

will: good night mike.

mike put his phone down and screamed.

"oh my god why am i so excited. oh my god."

mike quickly went to bed so that tomorrow could come sooner.

mike woke up, it was 11:49 he got ready and realized he was picking him up at 3:00

he went to go text will.

mike: hey will i have a question.

will: ask away.

mike: is it okay if i pick you up earlier or are you busy?

will: i'm not busy, you can if you would like.

mike: okay!

will: you better not be one of those pedo's.

mike: oh what? no i'm not like that

will: hopefully.

mike: yea no i'm not.

will: okay i see see you soon?

mike: yea i'll tech you when i'm at your house

mike *text

mike started driving.

he reached will's house.

"woah it's nice here."

mike saw will walking out the door.

he was wearing a light brown flannel and khaki jeans.

mike couldn't help but melt when he saw him.

was he... no he can't like him. he's just a friend.

only a friend.

will walked up to the car and waved at mike.

he opened the door.

will sat down.


will said.

"woah, your voice sounds normal."

"uh... iz it not supposed two...?"

"no- i oh my god im sorry that was rude."

"itz fwine i don't c-cware."

he gave mike a light smile.

"so where do you wanna go?"

"i thwink we s-should go to a r-restarent."

"okay! i'll take you to one if you want."

will nodded.

they drove off.

okay so will can speak but his voice sounds weird like not proper so i don't know how to write that down so some things in wills words are misspelled and spelled weird because he doesn't know how to speak well. if this is disrespectful in a way please tell me and i can try a different approach but this is how i'll portrays will's accent. comment on grammar mistakes bye!

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