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another day of work, today was friday though so the weekend was coming up.

mike was driving to the library once again.

he arrived before daniel did.

when he got to the door he saw someone standing there.

he walked up to them.

it was will.


"hey mike."

will signed.

mike waved.

"what are you doing here so early."

mike said opening up the library doors with a key.

"i- i uhm..."

will handed mike a brown bag.

all he did was smile.

mike smiled back.

"oh, what's in this?"

"look for your self."

mike opened it.

inside was four chocolate chip cookies.

"oh wow how'd you know these were my favorite type of cookies?"

"i didn't i just guessed."

will laughed.

"what's so funny?"

mike laughed too.

"i actually asked daniel. he gave me his nwumber."

"oh! haha it's okay. thank you will."

will nodded.

"you should read the book i told you to rwead."

"i'll try, i'm reading other things and i'm co occupied on a lot, but i'll try."

"okay, that's fine if you don't i just twhink you'll like it since i looked at your favorite's from the swhelf."

"okay, thanks will."

mike grabbed a cookie from the bag and took a bite.

"woah these are good."

"thanks, i made them."

"you made them?!"


"there really good wow."

mike kept eating the cookie.

"the secret is use mwelted butter it gives it a fudge taste."

"oh, thanks for that, i didn't know."

will and mike turned to look at the parking lot to see a car pull up and park next to mike's car.

"here comes daniel."

mike rolled his eyes.

daniel walked out this car.

"hey look! look at you two."

daniel said locking his car.

"what's up what are you guys doing?"

"will just came here early. he made me cookies!"

"oh! can i have one?"

daniel said.


will laughed.

"awh don't be like that mike."

"there's only four and i love cookies."

"yea im the one who told him. if it wasn't for me you would have never gotten these cookies."

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