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mike arrived at his house.

he got in his room and called daniel.

daniel picked up.

"what's up?"

"im back."

"okay, tell me everything."

mike laughed.

"well at first i arrived at his house, obviously. then when i got into his room i was like really nervous i have no idea why. also he has a brother and he's older. he sorta connected with me so that's good. anyway, will told me something personal which i will not be discussing and he started to cry. i gave him a hug and he hugged me back and daniel. let me tell you i felt like my world stopped working. like it shut down and all i could feel was the warmth of will's body and the sounds of his soft cries. he stained my shirt but we didn't care, i didn't care at least. god daniel i don't know what to do i'm in love- wait i shouldn't say that. i- i have a huge crush on him."

"w-wow mike... thats- that's a lot wow. i'm glad you really feel that way. you two would seem like such a cute couple. the way you speak about him mike that isn't just a simple crush."

"i- i know... i'm scared to confess so soon but i'll do it some day. i don't wanna scare him off or get him mad."

"i don't think he'll get mad."

"yeah i don't know he could."

"well mike im happy for you, i really am. i hope you two end up together or something."

"thank you! i'm gonna go text dustin about this!"

"you do that."

"bye daniel, see you on monday."

"see you buddy."

they hung up.

mike went to go call richie.

dustin didn't answer.

"of course he's probably doing some nerdy shit."

mike said rolling his eyes.

he got in bed and turned off his lights.

then he fell asleep.

super short chapter but oh well. ;) comment on them grammar mistakes please ily u all bye

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