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mike arrived first at the library.

he put his things down and got to work.

then he heard the door open.

"good morning mike."

"hi daniel."

daniel walked to the back.

mike was getting everything set up.

few minutes pass by the library starts to fill up.

mike was just checking out books, and putting them away.

now he was waiting for more people to come in so he just pulled out the same book and started reading it.

he heard the door open.

"hi welcome to-

he saw the same guy from yesterday that for some reason he couldn't keep his eyes off him.

he put his book down.

he watched as he went to the back again out of mike's view.

mike got out the desk and tried to follow him.

he walked into an aisle to pretend he was putting books away.

he saw him sitting down at a table.

mike went up behind him.

"uh, interesting book your reading."

mike said trying to make conversation.

the guy didn't answer.

"oh i'm sorry, continue reading i was- sorry."

mike went away.

he kept staring at him.

he got up from the table and closed the book.

he went to a near by bookshelf labeled "mike's picks."

it was a book shelf full of mike's favorite books.

he got one and sat down.

"oh wow, you just took a book from my shelf! i'm mike, and i love "kill the moon!"

mike said.

the guy didn't answer him again.

"oh right i'm sorry i forgot don't bother you while your reading."

mike chuckled.

"wow, he could at least say something."

mike thought to himself.

mike went up to a bookshelf where the guy could see him.

the guy looked up and they locked eyes.

he smiled.

mike smiled back.

mike pretended to put books away.

he then looked at the book that was on the table.

"oh my god! this was the book that went missing yesterday! you had it, thank god i thought that i'd get in trouble with my boss."

mike said laughing trying to take the book.

the guy looked up at him and grabbed the book.

mike made a confused noise and let go of the book.

"sorry i- are you mute?"

the guy looked at him for a moment.

he pulled out a notebook.

mike watched as he did so.

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