A love letter?

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The lights went off and all the kids knew what to do. There was a sound of plastic as balls went everywhere someone jumped into the ball pit. Moon dragged himselfout of the ball pit and sat nearby the kids and sun "Now children it is officialy naptime! who wants me to read a bedtime story?" All the kids hands went up. He read multiple bed time storys until everyone fell asleep including sun. Moon Suddenly felt sad that sun was asleep but ignored it.

"Time to wake up everyone!" Everyone slowly woke rubing sleep from there eyes. Moon walked into the room he and sun had to share and flopped on the bed. he hated the fact he powered off in light. He really had to talk with Vanessa all about it.
  Sun turned on the lights showing it was playtime and cheers filled the room. An idea popped in his head. He had developed a crush for Moon and he wanted to tell him. He couldn't just tell moon. He was way to embarrassed "OO CAN WE MAKE CARDS FOR PEOPLE WE LIKE?" The kids loved the idea so they accepted happily. Sun made a letter for moon talking about his strange feelings for him. While working on it hours passed and sooner than sun expected parents came in, flooding the room as their kids gave cards to parents and siblings who come along. Sun jumped when seeing the parents, he shut his card awkwardly and talked to the parents about the day "We had playtime for a hour. Then naptime rolled around. moony read them stories and the kids and I were making cards for people we enjoy!" The parents smiled and soon they all left

"FINALLY IM DONE!" I grabbed it and I walked over to the lights. My face turned red. After a long time of stalling I turned off the lights. After preparing myself even more, I walked to my room where me and moon shared. He was in there. I let go of the card when I noticed moon was asleep, I felt a little sad but I was tired. I plopped right next to him till I fell asleep

I woke up to a tired Sun next to me, he was passed out. I smiled and blushed. Suddenly I noticed there was a note next to me *from sun to moon.* I unfolded it curiously *I have been liking you in more than a friendly way. The kids call my feeling for you love. I love you so much moony * there was lots of red glitter glue next to his love note.  I blushed even more and looked at sun I shook him to wake him up "GOOD morning sunnsine! I saw your note I wanted to ask if you wanted to be my uh boyfriend?" He blushed and surprisingly pulled me in for a long kiss I gave in, but soon I stopped to breathe "Of course I will moony you don't even need to ask me!"
We kissed for a while until he started to fall asleep. I cuddled him. He slept as thoughts ran through my head. I had admit I was scared he would end up hated me. I guess I thought about it for so long I fell asleep.

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