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"When we first met."

Michael Wheeler, or Mike, sat in the basement of his house going through Will Byers's drawings.

He had lost Will about a month before. It didn't really hit him until a few days ago that Will was gone.

He was dead.

He was actually dead.

He did in a battle. A horrible, awful battle. Mike couldn't stop thinking about that battle.

But he was also thinking about the past. When he met Will, their memories, and how it led up to the battle.

"Can I please play with you guys?" A young Mike asked a group of boys.

They were getting ready to play tag.

"No! Go away you frog-faced nerd!" The one with dark, curly hair exclaimed.

His name was Troy.

Mike huffed and stormed away.

He noticed a boy who was slightly smaller than him sitting by himself on the swing.

Mike exhaled and trekked over to him.

Once he got there, he slowly sat down on the black swing next to him.

The boy picked up his head and looked over.

Mike looked at him and took in his features.

He had beautiful hazel eyes, a light brown bowl cut for hair, a small nose that had a slope to it, pink lips, and a cute freckle that sat just above his top lip.

Mike immediately fell in love with that freckle.

Will quickly stood up. Mike could tell he was a very timid boy.

"No, stay!" Mike exclaimed.

Will stared at him then nervously sat back down on the swing.

"No one wants to play with me or be my friend. Will you be my friend?" Mike asked.

Will looked him in his dark brown eyes, then down to the light brown wood chips below the swings, then back up to his eyes.

"Yes. Yes, I'll be your friend."

Mike smiled, feeling relieved.

"Thank you. I'm so happy you said yes."

Will smiled back.

"Me too. I didn't really have any friends either. But now you're my new friend! My best friend."

Mike giggled. "Come on, let's go play."

Will nodded and stood up, Mike doing the same.

Mike grabbed Will's hand and dragged him onto the playground and Will had a huge smile on his face.

Mike shook his head and put the drawings down.

He got up and paced back and forth.

How was Will dead? How did this all happen?


Mike looked over to the stairs of his basement with wide eyes.



Mike walked over to the stairs.

"Hello? Who's there!" Mike exclaimed.

"It's me, Mike."

Mike gasped. "Will?"

He looked up and saw a blurry figure of a boy standing at the top of the stairs.


Mike ran up the stairs and the figure started to run away.

Mike chased the figure up the stairs and through the kitchen and living room.

"Michael?" Karen called when he sprinted through the kitchen as if he was a track runner.

Mike followed the figure to the front door and ran out of his house.

It was pouring outside and the wind was wild, but Mike didn't care, he was going to follow this figure.

The figure led him through his neighborhood, then up to Lucas's neighborhood, all the way to Dustin's, then to a secluded area near the woods.

When they reached their final destination, the figure disappeared.

"No! Where did you go? Will, where did you go!" Mike yelled.

He panted and looked around, finally realizing where he was.

He was at Will's house.

First chapter! Here he go!

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