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"Saw you downtown."

Everyone besides El had left and her and Mike sat on the couch in the basement silently.

"You should go get those old clothes off of you and go take a shower, then you and I can go to the arcade." El suggested.

Mike turned his head to look at Eleven.

"You really think we should go there?" Mike asked.

"Yes. I think you need something to take everything off of your mind." El answered.

"But I have a lot of memories there with Will and the other members of the party." Mike replied.

"I know, but they're happy memories. Plus, you need to relive the memories with Will." El reminded.

Mike sighed. "Fine. These clothes are all sticking to my body anyway."

"Okay. I'll be down here waiting for you." Eleven half-smiled.

Mike nodded and went upstairs to go take his shower.

El looked to her side and saw Will. She could feel his presence whenever he came.

"I'm glad you got him to wash and get out of his old clothes. If you hadn't, I don't think he would've done it himself." Will said.

"I know. I'm scared he's not going to take care of himself." Eleven confessed to Will, looking into his eyes.

"He will if you're around. He loves you, El. Even if it's not romantic, he truly loves you with all of his heart. I truly believe you guys are platonic soulmates." Will said.

"You're even wiser as a ghost." El half-smiled.

Will let out a small chuckle. "I guess death made me...think a lot more than I used to. And trust me I used to think a lot."

"Hm." El half-smiled.

"I hope he isn't hurt by what he has to remember the arcade." Will said.

"What happened at the arcade?" Eleven asked.

Will tilted his head at her.

"You know, Eleven. You were there."

El closed her eyes and sighed.

"Should I bring Robby then?" Eleven asked.

Will shook his head. "No need. Mike will remember on his own. As soon as he sees the arcade game, he'll know."

"Okay." El sighed. "I hate that he has to do this."

"Me too, he shouldn't have to, but he's doing so I can move on. And you know why this is what I need in order to find peace?" Will raised his eyebrows.

"Why?" El asked.

"Because me finding peace will be him finding peace. Him living through his pain and healing is going to heal me. We're going to find out peace together." Will explained.

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