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"Used to steal your parents liquor and climb to the roof."

Mike rushed through the door and panted.

He had left his bike at the school and ran home. His brain was tired and his legs were weak by the time he made it home. Well, his brain has been tired for a while.

When he got to his house, he saw that his family was gone. He went down to the basement to see if his friends were still there and they were.

Max, Lucas, and Dustin were sitting on the couch while El was in the corner, crying, with her head on Robby's shoulder.

Mike scoffed and shook his head. Why did that piece of shit have to take El from him too?

"Why are you all still here?" Mike asked.

"We're here for you, Mike." Max replied as she stood up.

"Please," Mike rolled his eyes. "You don't even like me and to be honest, I don't like you either."

"Mike." Dustin whispered.

"Fuck you, Mike! I'm outta here!" Max exclaimed.

She pushed past Mike and stormed up the stairs, her footsteps loud and aggressive with each step she took.

"I'm gonna go make sure she's okay." Lucas muttered and followed Max upstairs.

"The rest of you need to follow them." Mike suggested.

Dustin looked at Robby and El, then went upstairs and followed Lucas and Max out of the house.

Mike turned up his nose at Robby "I have no idea why you want to stay."

"Because I care about Will and I know he cares about you and would want me here with you." Robby replied.

"Yeah? Well I fucking loathe you. Now get out of my house." Mike spat.

Robby sighed and hugged Eleven.

"You don't have to go, Rob." Eleven whispered in his ear.

"Yes. I do."

Robby pulled away and looked at Mike once
more before leaving.


"You too."

"What?" El furrowed her eyebrows.

"Go, Eleven."

"But Mike..."

"I'm not gonna say it again. Go."

El shook her head. "No, Mike, I'm not leaving you!"

"Yes you are."


"Get out."


"I said get the FUCK out!" Mike shrieked and pushed Eleven.

She fell to the floor and looked up at Mike with wide eyes. All he saw in them was shock and hurt and that's when he realized what he had done.

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