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Mike went back down to the basement after changing and brushing his teeth.

Robby walked out of the basement bathroom at the same time as Mike came down with some of Mike's pajama's on.

Well, just his pajama pants.

"You don't sleep with a shirt on?" Mike raised his eyebrows.

"No. Why would I need to? I'm just sleeping." Robby shrugged.


Mike then plopped down on the couch.

Robby walked over and slowly sat down next to him.

"Did you do something to El?" Mike blurted.

Robby turned to look at him. "What?"

"Okay, not—not do something, but did you say something to her? Anything at all?" Mike raised his eyebrows.

Robby looked down shamefully. "I told her we shouldn't be together."

"Why?" Mike furrowed his eyebrows.

"Cause I don't want to be with her. I want to be with...someone else..." He trailed off. "I think I disliked you so much because I was trying to hide my feelings deep down."

Mike shook his head. "Robby."


Mike looked over at him.

"We can't. Not right now, at least. I'm still dealing with all of this Will stuff and I don't want to hurt El. I've caused her enough pain." He said.

"I understand, Mike, I was just tired of pretending that you're not beautiful. Inside and out." Robby replied.

Mike looked into Robby's eyes, then down to his lips, then back up at his eyes.

"You think I'm beautiful?" Mike raised his eyebrows.

"Don't make me say it again, I don't want to boost your ego." Robby smirked.

Mike grabbed his cheeks and pulled him in for a quick kiss.

Robby was taken aback, but immediately returned Mike's kiss. It wasn't s make out, it was a long, sweet kiss.

Mike pulled away and pursed his lips, then looked down.

"What's wrong, beautiful boy?" Robby questioned and rubbed his thumb over Mike's cheek.

"This is so wrong." Mike shook his head.

"But it feels so right, huh?" Robby raised his eyebrows.

Mike nodded and muttered a small, "yeah."

"Then go with how you feel." Robby said.

"Okay. As long as we can take things slow." Mike suggested.

"That's perfectly fine." Robby nodded.

They then kissed again.

What they didn't know was Will and El were watching.

Will was content with it. This was what Mike needed.

El on the other hand...was not.

surprise !

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