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"I should've told you what you meant to me."

Will always knew he was different from everyone else. He wasn't like most teenage boys. He felt things differently and liked different types of people.

But, he truly accepted he was different at the 9th grade Snowball of '84.

Lucas and Max had gone off to dance and Dustin had gone to find himself someone to dance with. That left Will and Mike by themselves.

"Hey, Zombie Boy, wanna dance?" A high-pitched voice asked.

Will and Mike looked over to see a brunette girl in a dress with blue, pink, and yellow stripes.

"Um, uh..."

Will thought she was a very beautiful girl, but for some reason he didn't feel attracted to her in that way. He felt attracted in a way where he was fascinated by her beauty. He wanted to be her in a way. He thought that was weird. He shouldn't want to be like a girl.

Mike nudged him which snapped him out of his thoughts.

He looked up at Mike who gave him a nod, then looked back at the girl who was waiting for his answer.

"Um, sorry, I'm not really in a dancing mood." Will lied.

He was in a dancing mood, but that wasn't the person he wanted to dance with. The person he wanted to dance with was standing right next to him.

The girls' face turned red and a look of embarrassment took over her.

Will understood why she'd be embarrassed. Will was one of the least popular kids in school, so of course she was going to be embarrassed that she got rejected.

She walked away with her head low and her arms dangling by her side.

"Why didn't you go dance with her? Girls never ask us to dance." Mike asked.

Will just shrugged at him and watched the dance floor.

But Mike saw something else.

He stepped forward with his lips parted.

Will looked over and saw what Mike was looking at.

It was a gorgeous girl with short hair parted to the side, a pink headband in her hair, and a pink and blue dress that came to her knees.

Will knew it was Eleven. He didn't even have to ask.

Mike walked onto the dance floor and El walked right up to him.

Will's heart sunk. She was so beautiful. Will wished he looked like her. Maybe if he did, Mike would look at him the way he was looking at her.

Will sat down and watched him dance with her. It wasn't fair. He's known him longer then she has. He has been by Mike's side longer than she has. Will just wanted to be loved by Mike.

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