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"Never one without the other, we made a pact."

Mike slowly walked up to the house, staring at it.

Joyce Byers's car was parked next to the house, but Jonathan Byers's wasn't there.

Joyce was Will's mother and Jonathan was his older brother.

Jonathan was dating Mike's older sister Nancy Wheeler, so Jonathan was most likely heading to the Wheeler house.

Mike heard the wind whistling and the sound of a crack.

He gasped and stepped forward. The crack came from the backyard.

Mike made his way to the backyard when he saw it.

Castle Byers.

"This is what I call castle Byers." Will introduced.

It was made out of large sticks and there were signs on the top and the words were crafted with red and yellow paint.


The boys were now in third grade.

That's when they had met their friend Dustin Henderson. They had met Lucas Sinclair in first grade.

Now, their friend group was complete. They had also started a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

"Whoa, Will this is so cool!" Mike exclaimed.

"Really?" Will asked.

"Really." Mike nodded.

Will smiled. He was happy that the black-haired boy was impressed by his work.

"Did you make this all by yourself?" Mike asked.

"Well, no. My mom and Jonathan helped a little bit, but most of it was me." Will answered.

"It really is cool. This has to be our new hang out spot when we're not in my basement." Mike said.

"You like it that much?" Will raised his eyebrows.

Mike looked to Will and nodded.

"Of course I do. It's amazing."

Will let out a dry laugh.

"Come on, let's go inside so you can see what it looks like."

Will led Mike inside of Castle Byers and Mike looked around, amazement written all over his face. He was very impressed with his shorter friend.

There was a small little mattress by one of the walls with bedding on it, a small table with a lamp, another table with paint on it, some colored pencils and paper, and drawings on the walls. There was also a picture of Will and Mike on the table. It was the one Joyce took of them on Will's sixth birthday. They were so much smaller then.

"Hey, did your mom give you this picture?" Mike asked.

"Oh, the one of us? Yeah. I wanted to put it in here because you're my best friend." Will replied.

"You're my best friend too." Mike smiled.

Will bit his bottom lip and Mike continued staring at him with the smile still on his face.

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