This Book's Lore

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Ok, so many people are confused by this book's family tree and lore.

So,  let me explain it real quick.

(Y/n) is the great-granddaughter of Farid and Farid is the son of Zahra.

She has never been married to Satan

Nor she has she seduced him

Those were all lies by Satan, and also the visions (Y/n) saw are all false visions created by Satan.

And the time (Y/n) met Zahra during Alexander's era, it was also Satan, not Zahra.

There was no Nadar,  it was all a trick by Satan.

Your future son, Sherif is not the son of Time,  Time doesn't have a personification.

So, who is that entity that pretends to be Sherif's father?

That's Azazel,  and he is a follower of Satan.

But what happened to Zahra?

Well, Zahra's status is unknown,  you will have to wait and find out in the other books 😉

Adding to that, (Y/n) didn't marry three times,  she only married two times.

One of her husbands is Matteo.

Hope, this helps in clearing up the confusion.

If there are any other questions,  ask right away.

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