𝐘𝐚𝐧 𝐤𝐨𝐡𝐚𝐢

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"Aaah-!~ M/n- I love you! I love you! I love you~!"

Iruma moaned out your name as he kept squirming and humping on his pillow while thinking of you

He imagines that he's fucking you instead of his pillow

Oh how he craves for your tight little hole just sucking his cock while he pounds into you roughly

Not long after he came all over his pillow while breathing heavily. He looks down at his cock only to see its hard again

"Just what did you do to me M/n?"

The next morning he came to school and immediately looking for you.

"M/n! Senpaiii~! Good morning!" His eyes sparkled as soon as he saw you at your locker as he ran up to you

Your ear perked up at the sudden name calling and turned towards the sound. You softly smiled at him and waved

"Oh hello Iruma"

"Only a hello?! Wheres my good morning Senpaii!"

Iruma pouted and crossed his arms

"Ah- sorry good morning Iruma"

Oh how he loves hearing his name come out from your mouth... imagine if it was a different scenario where you-

Iruma calmed himself down as he shaked those dirty thoughts of his

"Anyways senpaii, you better have lunch with me today"

"Im sorry Iruma kun but-

"No buts! I have something to give you also so I better see you at the rooftop later"

You sighed and nodded


Iruma smiled brightly as a blush crept on his face

"Great!! I better see you there- or else."

His smile was quickly replaced with a glare at the last part before returning to his 'innocent smile of his'

You slightly tensed up but shrugged if off and went to class

It was lunch time and you immediately went to the rooftop afraid to anger Iruma cause you went out of class late

The first thing you saw Iruma with a frown on his face but immediately changed to a bright smile at the sight of you

"About time Senpai! You had me worried there!" He scolded you while you just stood there with a apologetic face

"You're lucky that i love you..." He whispered the last part.

"What was that?"

"N-nothing!! Anyways i made you bento~" He shoved a bento to you as you looked at him trying to process what's happening

You quickly took it and smiled gratefully at him

"Ah.. you didn't need to Iruma.."

"No no no- you deserved it now shut up and eat it"

Little did you know that he put some 'things in it'

A blush spread on his face as he waited for you to eat it

You opened it and immediately drooled at the sight of it

Iruma mentally pouted and got jealous that you drooled at the bento and not him

"Thank you for the food" You clapped your hands together and immediately dig into your food

Iruma watched as you eat with a lovesick expression and smiled creeply as a blush spread onto his face

'Aaaah~ a part of me inside m/n's stomach.. not to mention that i also drugged his food~'

Iruma resisted the urge to just fuck you right here right now

"This is good! What did you use?"

You asked him while chewing

"Just homemade ingredients~" He replied

You shrugged and continued eating until you felt yourself heating up

Iruma noticed this and grinned

"Are you okay senpai?!" He put on a worried look on his face as he looked at you

"I-I feel really h-hot..."

He smirked and whispered into your ear

"Lets take this to the bathroom okay~?"

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