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You're currently sitting down on a chair with an unbreakable glass-like wall in front of you. You tried keeping a calm demeanor on and took deep breaths while tapping your foot against the floor.


"Darling...?" The voice sent shivers down your spine making you accidentally choked on your own spit. You slowly lifted your head to face him.

"Darling! Is that really you darling!? I knew you would come!" Nathan eyes went wide and blushed crazily as he immediately ran to you but got blocked by the glass.

You took a deep breath and slowly forcing yourself to at least say something to him. "Hello Nathan....." Your voice was hoarse with a hint of disappointment lacing with it.

"Hello, my love!" Nathan's eyes lit up at the sight of you, if you squint, you would see hearts forming in them. "I have missed you so much, darling. You have no idea how hard it is to be away from you..." He pressed his hand against the glass, wishing he could touch you.

"Did you come here to take me away from this hell hole?! Oh please please please!" His eyes widened again and started banging on the glass like wall. "I missed you so much!! I just can't live without you...and your massive girthy veiny monster cock~!" He started drooling on the last part.

You fake coughed as soon as you heard the last part trying to cover up your disgust. "Y'know..I've been thinking about you every day since I got here." He licked his lips, his eyes scanning your body hungrily.

"I don't know how long I can last without your touch, without your love." He paused, his gaze fixed on you. "Do you still love me, darling? Do you still want me?" He started to stare at you intensively not breaking eye contact at all.

You bit your lip and took a deep breath. "I have something to tell you Nathan...." You swallowed your saliva while your breath hitched. You were truly afraid and worried what he would do once you tell him.

Nathan's expression suddenly changed from excitement to concern as he heard your words. "What is it, my love?" He pressed his head harder against the glass, trying to get closer to you. "You can tell me anything. I'm here for you."

You took another deep breath and finally spoke up. "I think we need to break up-"

Nathan's eyes widened in shock as he heard your words. His hand slowly fell from the glass, and his expression turned from concern to confusion and then to anger. "Break up?"

He chuckled clearly trying to hide his anger.  "Breakup? What do you mean, my love?" His voice was low and dangerous. "This has to be some kind of joke-right? You clearly went all the way here to take me back home right? We can start over and maybe you can impregnate me and we'll start a family!"

He suddenly stopped blabbering and looked at you. His fists clenched at his side and he took a step back, his eyes never leaving yours. "What changed, darling? Why do you want to leave me?"

You nervously bit your lip, your head was a mess as your tried to figure out words to form. "I-I dont think we're meant for each other.. and i cant be with you-"

Nathan's expression turned from anger to hurt as he heard your words. His eyes were now filled with tears, and his voice was shaking. "W-what do you mean by that-? WERE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER YOU EVEN PROMISED ME!" His voice was raised, his eyes holding pure anger in it.

"I-im sorry Nathan.. I-i just-" Ethan's eyes narrowed as he heard your words, and his expression turned from anger to desperation. He took another step forward, his voice now low and pleading.

"Please, my love. Don't do this to me. Don't leave me here alone. I need you, M/n, I can't live without you." He tried reaching out for you but couldn't.

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