Yan boyfriend

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I literally dont know what i wrote sorry if its bad istg dont come at me 🙏

"Come on m/n just touch me alreadyyyy" Yukio whined and threw himself onto your lap while pouting like a child.

"No" You simply replied not even bothering to look at him as you continue to read some random shits on your phone. This made Yukio even annoyed as he started grinding on your crotch.

Yet you still ignored him. He pouts and tries to get in your line of sight, intentionally blocking your view of your phone. You frowned and pushed his head away making him moan.

"Aah~! Push me again!" Yukio's face was now flushed red while slightly drooling as he wore a crazed smile on his lips begging you to push him again.

"Okay" You pushed him off your lap making him land on the floor ass first. Yukio deadpanned and whined.

"I didn't mean it like that!" He rubbed his aching ass and started fake tearing up. You rolled your eyes and continued doing your business on your phone. Yukio grumbled something under his breath and stood up.

He walked away making you raise a brow but shrugged it off. After a couple of minutes, he came back wearing a lewd outfit.

He fucking wore a cat lingerie that's barely covering anything and a high rise socks. Not gonna lie that slightly turned you on.

He crawled up to you and wrapped one arm around your leg while arching his back and began posing like a cat. "Nyaa~ Im hungry master.. please feed me with your cum~". He turned around and gave you a view of his delicious ass. His eyes gleam with a mixture of innocence and a hint of wickedness as he shakes his ass making it even tempting to devour that pretty little ass of his.

You could feel your cock throb and pants tighten but you took a deep breath and tried to ignore it and focused on your phone again. Yukio looks at you in disbelieve and color drained from his face when you ignored his seduction. He literally just gave you a view of his pretty ass but you just ignored it?!

Yukio got more annoyed when you didn't even bother to look at him or at least say something. "M/n don't ignore meeeeeee :(" He got more impatient and went to your pants and started to unzip it. That caught you off guard and put your phone away.

"Just do your think you're doing Yukio?" You gave him a glare with your voice low as you stare down at him with dead look in your eyes. That turned Yukio on even more. "Getting my meal duh!" He rolled his eyes stared at the bulge from your boxers.

He pulled down your boxers and immediately your big hard cock sprung out. Yukio blushed and licked his lips as he licked the precum off your tip. Yukio smirked and continued to tease making you grunt in annoyance.

"You made me do this" You grabbed his hair and pushed your cock deeper in his mouth making him gag and tears started to swell up in his eyes. You groaned and threw your head back in pleasure while Yukio is sucking on your cock like his life depends on it.

His moans were muffled only to send vibrations to your cock. You could feel your close and grabbed the back of his head while thrusting your cock deep into his mouth almost touching the back of his throat. Yukio's eyes watered and his breath hitched as you pushed his head further. His eyes rolled back and moaned at your roughness. "Mmmph-!" He put his hands one your knees for support. His throat already aching at your roughness but he didn't mid nevertheless. In fact his happy that your rough with him as it only excites him more.

"S-swallow it all- fucking slut!" You felt your cock twitch and spilled your seed into Yukio's mouth. Yukio's eyes widened as he felt your semen filling his mouth up and moaned in delight. His throat tightened around your length, his breath becoming shallow as he struggled to accommodate your size. He gagged, the taste of your release filling his mouth as he swallowed obediently.

You slowly pulled out from his mouth and looked down at him. Yukio's lips were swollen, his eyes teary as he opened his mouth to show that he swallowed every drop of your tasty cum.

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