Yan idol/ band boy

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"So you're going right tonight?" Mitfune suddenly asked you while walking together.

"Huh go where?" You raised a brow as you looked at him with confusion. Mitfune furrowed his eyebrows and looked at you seriously. "Uh don't you remember? My concerts tonight." His voice was low which caused you to slightly shiver.

"Oooh that? Sorry man I have something to take care of tonight.. maybe next time?" You playfully tapped his shoulders and apologized. Mitfune's eyes narrowed and grabbed your wrists. His voice turned cold and menacing as he spoke.

"You think you can just brush me off like that? You don't get it, do you? I don't take no for an answer" You looked at him weirdly and argued back. "Mitfune bro you gotta understand, it's important man" You tried reasoning with him and grabbed your wrists back. Mitfune's eyes flickered with a mix of frustration and anger. He stared at you for a moment, his expression hardening.

"Important? Pfft- don't fuck with me M/n-Nothing is more important than my concert and my music" he seethed, his voice dripping with disdain. You looked at him in disbelief. The fuck he means his music is more important? You have to take care of your goddamn sister tonight! Now way in hell you'll leave her like that.

"Mitfune.. as much as i want to go to your concert... i cant.. i have a sister to take care of man" You gave out your excuse to make him understand at least. Mitfune grabbed your wrists again, his eyes narrowing with a dangerous intensity. His voice dropped to a menacing whisper as he leaned in closer, his hot breath grazing your face.

"Your sister, huh? How convenient. Using family as an excuse to deny me what I want." A cruel smile curled on his lips as he continued, his words laced with a sadistic undertone. ""But you see, I don't care about your sister. I don't care about your excuses. All I care about is having you there. So I better see you there"

His grip tightened even further, his fingers digging into your skin. "You're going to my concert, whether you like it or not. Your sister can wait. Your life can wait.

Your breath hitched and eyes widened as a shocked expression was displayed on your face. No way that guy just said that! Not just any guy.. but your goddamn best friend said that?! Is this guy for real?

Mitfune's eyes narrowed, a twisted satisfaction evident in his gaze as he observed your shocked expression. His grip on your wrists remained firm as he took a step closer, closing the distance between you, his voice dripping with a mix of madness and desire. "Surprised, are you?" he taunted, his voice low and filled with a dark pleasure.

His words were filled with a possessive intensity, his control over you becoming more apparent by the second. "I don't care about your excuses, your obligations. I am all that matters. Your body, your life—it all belongs to me now. And I'll make sure you never forget it."

A deranged grin spread across his face, his eyes gleaming with a twisted hunger. "You will be at my concert tonight, willingly or not. I better see you tonight.. or else.. say bye bye to your 'precious little sister'.

You looked down in defeat as you had no choice but to go. Mitfune's grip on your wrists loosened slightly as he sensed your defeat. A wicked smile played on his lips as he relished in his control over you. Slowly, he released your wrists, his hands lingering near your skin before pulling away completely.

"Good choice," he purred, his voice filled with a mix of triumph and satisfaction. "You won't regret it. I promise you that." He took a step back, his eyes scanning your form with a possessive hunger. "Remember, you belong to me now. Ill make sure tonight's the night you won't ever forget'

He took one last glance at you before he turned and walked away leaving you with your thoughts.

Now, you were getting ready for his concert. You wore some casual clothing as you styled you hair into f/h/s and a jacket in case. You put your little sister to bed and kissed her forehead.

"Sleep well sissy" and with that, you closed her door and left. You made sure you locked every window and door before heading out.

Night came and you're currently at the front row with a bored expression on your face as you waited for the concert to start. You'd would take a few glances at your watch and tap your foot until the lights started to dim and the crowd erupted in excitement. Mitfune took the stage with an air of confidence and dominance. His eyes scanned the crowd, a sinister smile forming on his lips when he spotted you in the front row.

The intensity of his gaze locked onto you, his expression filled with a hunger. You could feel his penetrating gaze on you which caused you to shiver and gulped. The band started playing, the heavy bass reverberating through the venue as Kiruumi's powerful voice filled the air. As he sang, his eyes never left yours, his voice laced with a mix of seduction and control. He moved with an almost predatory grace, his body swaying to the music, his gaze locked onto you like a predator stalking its prey.

You started to doze off as your eyes turned smaller. You were fucking sleepy and decided to shut your eyes for awhile. It wouldn't hurt right? It's just for a little while...nothing would happen right?

Mitfune seem to notice this and frowned. He noticed your drowsy state, and his expression twisted into a mix of frustration and annoyance. He couldn't stand the idea of you drifting away, even for a moment. He suddenly stopped singing and walked towards you. The crowd suddenly went silent and stared at Mitfune who was walking towards you.

You hadn't notice Mitfune was walking to you until you felt someone grabbed your wrist. You jolted up from your daydream and widened your eyes. "H-Huh?!" You saw Mitfune with an angry frown on his face and held your wrists a bit to tight for your liking. "M-Mitfune?!"

"Who said you could just doze off like that during my concert?!" He pulled you towards the stage and dropped his mic. You widened your eyes in surprise as you don't know what to do. You were utterly confused since you had just woken up.

"Sorry guys! Something just came and I have to take care of it..." He dragged you to take backstage but before that he told the guards to pause the concert.

As Mitfune dragged you backstage, his grip firm and forceful, a sinister smile played on his lips. The command to cancel the concert was met with a mix of confusion and disappointment from the band members and the audience, but they followed his orders without question.

Once in the secluded backstage area, Mitfune turned to you, his eyes gleaming with a possessive madness. "You thought you could just fall asleep just like that? You're so stupid M/n... you're lucky I love you dumbass" With that, he pushed you against the wall, his body pressing against yours, trapping you in his embrace.

"I'll make sure you won't ever fall asleep again" he growled, his voice filled with hunger as he looked at you with lust and love. His hands roamed your body, his touch possessive and forceful. He claimed your lips in a demanding kiss which caught you off guard.

He bit your lower lip which made you gasp. He took the opportunity to insert his tongue into your mouth and explored it as if its his. His tongue played with yours as they fought for dominance which MItfune easily won and went deeper.

He pulled away and looked at your beautifully flushed face with love plus lust and whispered in your ear.

"You're mine and only mine. Remember that... now get ready for the night of your life"

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