yandere principal

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do u guys prefer sub or top reader? n this was made while i was in a rush so sorry if its bad 😞🙏

You threw your bag next to your desk as you lazily sat on your seat before plopping your head into the desk.

"Mr L/n the principal is calling you into his office right now" You heard your teacher calling your name with an annoyed tone. You rolled your eyes and just ignored her.

She sighed and rolled her eyes. "I'm giving you 3 seconds, if you don't stand up I'm calling your p-" You cut her off by standing up from your seat rolling your eyes at her.

"Can't you just shut up you old hag" You walked out of the classroom while she looked at you mouth agape and disbelief.

"What am I gonna do with him.." She mumbled and continued with her lesson.

You had no choice but you slowly make your way to your bitch of a principal to his office. This is the third time this week! You need a break man..

You finally reached your destination not even bothering to knock and just busted your way in.

The principal, or should I say, "Mr" Aiden gave you a closed-eyed smile as he watched you sit down to a seat in front of him.

"Good morning M/n~ How are you doing this morning?"

You didn't answer and just scowled him. "Just get to the point"

He chuckled and fixed his glasses. "Always the straightforward M/n hmm~?"

"Anyways, I'm here to talk about your behavior with other students"

Just as soon you heard the word 'behavior' you immediately groaned and rolled your eyes.

"Bla bla blah behavior. Can't you shut up with that? I'm tired of hearing you blabber about some stupid shit. I do whatever I want"

Aiden just smiled and giggled. "I can expel you for that you know?"

You crossed your arms with a blank expression on your face. "So? I can always move to another school"

"Oh but can you? I can always send your files to the school and they wouldn't want to accept a delinquent to ruin their school would they?"

He smirked and moved his face closer to yours. "Althoughhh~ I'll give you a chance to fix that.."

You raised a brow and looked at him weirdly. "What is it?" A wicked grin plastered on his face and a blush spread across his cheeks. "Fuck me"

"What-?" You were beyond confused than you had ever been your whole life. "I want you to fuck me" He said again. You were snapped out of your thoughts and instantly backed away from his nasty ass.

"The fuck? Hell no!" You gave a disgusting look and was about to leave his stinky ass office until his nasty ass spoke up. "I never said you had a choice. You do know I can always report you to all the students you've bullied to their parents right?" He still had the disgusting grin on his face while intensely staring at your figure- more precisely your cock.

You stood there gripping your fists tightly before glaring at him. "Can I just do something else except fucking you?" Aiden shook his head and licked his lips. He stared at you with a lot of emotions in his eyes. Love? Lust? Both.

Your glare at him only made him more turned on. He can almost cum just at the sight of you! Oh how would it feel your hands just roaming around his body while degrading him as you roughly pound into his tight little asshole.

"When?" Aiden snapped out of his nasty thoughts and looked at you with hearts in his eyes. "After school. Meet me in my office" You only nodded and made your way towards the door. "Unless you want to do it now?" He smirked. You rolled your eyes and walked out of his office.

Aiden watched as you left his office before looking down at his raging bulge. He looked around before unbuckling his pants making his already hard cock that was dripping with precum spring out.

He started stroking it up and down  at the thought of you fucking him roughly as you molded his walls into the shape of your massive cock. Oh and don't forget to cum inside while you're at it!

"Ahhh~! M/n M/n M/N M/n M/N~!" He started going even faster while rubbing his thumb all over the tip as he buckled his hip into his palm until he came into his hand.

Aiden panted and giggled to himself as a crazed smile came onto his face as well with his cheeks flushed before zipping up his pants to go clean himself off.

He couldn't wait to get fucked by you later that day.

Class ended and you were walking towards the school entrance ready to go back home until your phone rang. It was an unknown number but you still decided to pick up.

"Hello?" "Did you forget about our meeting~?" Your face immediately dropped when you heard the familiar voice. "Meet me in my office now~" You mumble curses under your breath before hanging up and made your way into the annoying slutty principal of yours office.

You finally reached his office and you could already smell the musky scent of sex coming from his office as you slowly knocked. The door immediately  opened and you felt someone pull you inside.

You groaned when you fell on your back onto the cold floor. You felt weight on your lower half and saw your principal's face. Aiden face was flushed red with a lustful but also crazed smile on his face and was panting a lot.

"I've waited far too long for this. I can't hold back anymore" He started unbuckling your pants making your semi-hard cock spring out.  He licked his lips and positioned himself above your cock before sliding down slowly savoring the taste of your cock stretching out his walls.

He let out a loud moan feeling your cock filling his insides up. "Nnngh-ahh~! So big~" A bump formed in his stomach signaling your big cock was already far deep in him.

You groaned at his tightness digging your fingers into his hips. You can't help but thrust upwards into his ass making him moan. "Aouh~! F-feels so g-good!"

Aiden started riding you his hips rolled and gyrated, seeking to maximize the pleasure for both of you. "H-hah..this cock is a-all mine~!" He giggled while letting out shameful moans while looking down at your rolled up eyes and your fucked up face.

"Nnghh- I love you I love you I love you m/n~!" Aidens body moved with a mix of desperation and desire, his hips grinding against you in a rhythm that matched your own. His body glistened with sweat, his breath coming in shallow gasps as he continued to move, his movements becoming more desperate and urgent.

You moaned when you felt him going even faster making your cock twitch. You started gripping his hips tightly and roughly thrusted your hips upwards hitting his g-spot. Aiden widened his eyes and rolled back droll coming out from his mouth.

"Aah! Y-yes~ there~!" his moans growing louder as his mind was consumed with ecstasy. Aiden hips rolled and bucked, his movements becoming more erratic as he neared the edge of his own pleasure. And just like that- his dick twitched and came all over stomach.

"Mmmm~!" He was lost in his own world craving nothing more than to be completely dominated by you. "F-fuck im gonna cum." You grunted out and picked up your pace even faster chasing your own climax. His moans grew louder, mingling with yours, as the pleasure built within him.

With one final thrust, you finally came inside his desperate aching ass with a load moan coming from him. Your hot cum filling his ass up pushed Aiden over the edge his body convulsing with ecstasy.

Breathing heavily, Aidens collapsed onto your chest, his body trembling from both him and your orgasms. He wrapped his arms around your neck, his mind clouded from the love making you guys just did.

You were to pull out until Aiden stopped you. "Hmm? Who said were done? Were nowhere near down sweetheart~"

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