𝐘𝐚𝐧 𝐡𝐮𝐦𝐚𝐧

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"Anggh-! T-take more~! Nnngh~"

Toruu  wrapped his arms around your neck as if his life depends on it while moaning like a bitch he is. His legs also wrapped around your waist to push you deeper onto him as you sunked your fangs deeper into his neck.

Toruu moaned softly as you sank your fangs into his neck, the sensation of your teeth piercing his skin sending waves of pleasure through his body. His hands instinctively reached out to grip your shoulders, his grip alternating between gentle and possessive. As you drank his blood, the intensity of his desire for you only grew.

"H-hah..take all of it~! Im yours~!". Unable to resist any longer, Toruu's hand slipped lower, finding its way to the hem of your clothing. His fingers trailed along the edge, his touch light and teasing, before boldly venturing beneath the fabric to explore your body. His touch was confident, knowing exactly how to push your buttons and elicit the most delicious reactions from you.

Toruu's lips parted in a low, needy moan, his voice laced with desperation. "Please... I need you, crave you. Show me how much you want me too." His voice was a desperate plea, his eyes locked onto yours, filled with a mix of longing and an insatiable hunger for your touch.

How did it end up like this? Hmmm


Toruu is a vampire hunter who some how ended up being too obsessed into hunting you which turned into a romantic infatuation that makes him wants you for himself. He gave up hunting you a long ago when he realized he doesn't want you dead. It makes his heart ache at the thought of you away from him. So, he decided to willingly came to your hideout and casually sitting on your couch waiting for you to get back.

Not to mention the thought of you just sucking the life out of him just turned him on. Imagine your fangs deep in his neck as you sucked him dry. His pants tightened and member aching for release.

You were quite surprised to see him just sitting there so casually as if its his house. You cant lie but his blood smells really nice and alluring.

You were practically drooling at the smell oh his blood and he seemed to take notice of it and smirked. Toruu walked up to you and whispered in your ear.

"You're hungry right?" He smirked and unbuttoned the button of his shirt thats close to his neck, giving you a good view of his delicate neck. "Come on~ Suck it" It sounded desperate and demanding coming from his tone.

That's how you got here...

Toruu's body arched in response to the intensified sensation of your fangs digging deeper into his neck, his muscles tensing with a mixture of pleasure and pain.

The taste of his blood flooded your senses, igniting a primal hunger within you. Every drop that you consumed seemed to fuel the fire of your obsession, intensifying your craving for his touch. Toruu's blood was intoxicating, its unique flavor and scent enveloping you in a haze of desire and need.

You pulled away, satisfied by your work as you wiped the remaining blood from your lips while staring at him

Toruu's chest heaved with anticipation and desire as you pulled away from his neck, your lips glistening with the remnants of his blood. He watched you intently, his eyes filled with a mix of satisfaction and a hunger that still burned brightly within him.

Leaning forward, Toruu gently traced his fingers along the marks on his neck. A wicked smile played on his lips as he gazed at you, his voice laced with a dark, seductive tone.

"Such a tease," he murmured, his voice husky with desire. "You've tasted my blood, now its my turn to taste you~"

Toruu closed the distance between you, his hands firmly gripping your waist as he pulled you into a passionate, possessive kiss. His lips were demanding, his tongue exploring every inch of your mouth.

His hands roamed over your body, teasing and caressing, his touch alternating between gentle and forceful. Toruu's arousal was evident, a bulge pressing against his pants as he pressed himself against you, seeking the friction and closeness he craved

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