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It was time for Name In Development to strike.

The plans had been made. The materials had been prepared, after a long night of making bright pink slime full of glitter.

Their first target was in sight: Cabin Eight, the Artemis cabin. The contraption was in place. Now, just before breakfast, as everyone was just waking up, Tango, Beckendorf, Connor, and Travis crouched by the side of the Apollo cabin, looking across the central green space at the door of the Artemis cabin. They wouldn't be caught dead sitting next to the latter - they didn't want to be mistaken for a couple of those lovesick satyrs.

The door opened. All four pranksters held their breath.

They heard a scream as the first Hunter to exit the cabin got a facefull of glittery, pink, sticky slime.

Travis, Connor, and Tango failed to hold back their laughter. Even Beckendorf let out a chuckle.

"Won't it stain?" Beckendorf asked.

Connor shook his head, still snickering. "Little Hermes pranking trick. It'll come right out."

"Oh, good," Tango laughed.

"What the heck are you guys doing?" A voice asked.

The four of them turned to see some kid from the Apollo cabin that Tango didn't know. "Uh... hi," Travis said.

"We're pranking the Hunters," Tango said, pointing to the cabin across the green space.

The Apollo kid looked over there and grinned. "Nice. They deserve it, they've been hogging the archery range."

"Want to help?" Connor and Travis asked in unison.

The Apollo kid shrugged. "Why not? Can't say I'm good at pranking, but my cabin and I can make life hard for them."

All four Hermes and Hephaestus kids grinned. "Welcome to Name in Development," Beckendorf said.

"Name in... what?"

"Name in Development," Tango said. "That's our name."

The Apollo kid looked like he regretted joining Name in Development. "I'll find some people who I've heard complain about the Hunters. We can sabotage their arrows."

"Make it so none of them hit," Beckendorf realized. "That'll annoy them to death."

"Yeah, what do you mean about not being good at pranking? That's evil," Connor said, his voice almost accusatory.

The Apollo guy smiled slightly and shrugged. "Anyone could think of it." Then he walked away.

"Anyone know who he is?" Tango asked.

"Nope," Travis said. "Never seen him before. Can Apollo kids bend light to be invisible, since they're children of the sun god?"

"I don't think that's how it works," Connor told him.

"Can you go invisible, since you're sons of the god of thieves?" Beckendorf countered.

The Stoll twins exchanged excited glances. "We've never tried."

Can Grian do that? Tango wondered.

The Hunter who had been slimed had disappeared. Other Hunters had left the cabin and started searching for the culprits.

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