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Every morning at breakfast, Ren's siblings took him to the dining pavilion to eat, then back to the cabin to set him on the bunk that now seemed massive. Then they left, laughing and talking about what they were going to do that day. The same happened at lunch, and then dinner. Ren spent the hours in between bored in the cabin, listening to campers on the basketball hoop and staring out the window at the side of the empty Posideon cabin.

He used to take the opportunity to snoop through his siblings' stuff. After he nearly impaled himself on Clarisse's spear, he abandoned that idea.

Since Capture the Flag, everyone seemed to have forgotten about Ren again.

He didn't have access to much reading material in the Ares cabin (he was surprised he found any at all), but he did find a mythology book that must have been forced on his siblings by some Athena kid with an apparent death wish.

He first spotted it up on a shelf. He had found out on that terrifying bridge on Polyphemus' island that guinea pigs were not good at parkour, but be was pretty sure he could make the jump from his bunk to the shelf that the book sat on.

Ren climbed up on the railing and looked down at the floor. That was a mistake. It seemed so far away.

But he needed that mythology book. It might have held answers about how to turn human again, namely Odysseus' whole thing on Circe's island. So Ren shook his head, readied himself, and jumped.

His front claws dug into the wooden shelf. His back legs dangled. Ren scrambled up on the shelf and glanced back down at the floor. That was terrifying, but at least he hadn't fallen into a ravine again. This time, there were no slime blocks to catch him.

He kept close to the wall as he squeezed around a water bottle and got to the mythology book.

Only then did he realize he had no way to read it in its current state.

Great job, Ren, he thought angrily to himself. You got to the book. Now, how are you gonna get it back to the bed, genius? If you open it here, it'll fall off the shelf and then you'll be completely lost until lunchtime.

He couldn't even pick up the book, much less throw it to his bunk. He did not think this through very well.

Ren gave up on the mythology book, inched back around the water bottle, and jumped back to his bunk. It was considerably easier than getting to the shelf. He'd have to wait until lunch to signal to his siblings that he wanted that book, and probably a bit longer to explain to them why he wanted said book.

This was going to take a while.


Okay that was like the shortest chapter ever oh well there's nothing else for me to do here so yeah hi and bye

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