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THOUGHTS: 'i am in hell'

magical japan is the only nation to have never signed the statute of secrecy, as such magic in japan is an open secret, but a state secret, magical japan is known to two main magical schools, the magical academy of mahōtokoro, the standard magical school for most students of japan, however there is a second elite school the imperial naval academy of magic

the naval academy is the training grounds for the japanese magical navy, the only truly military force in the magical world, and japan knows it, the full scale of the the japanese magical navy is unknown what is known is that the japanese magical navy use, WWII era ships for their use, that have been heavily enchanted by some of the best runemasters and enchanters and warders not just in japan but in the world as japan prides itself on it's magical navy, being the strongest force not just in the magical world, but in the muggle world as well, if the muggles ever find the magicals, the japanese magical navy is the first line of defense against any modern witch hunts

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