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fleur had succeeded in convincing hayato to take her to hogsmeade, of course, you could never see the boy in anything but his white officers uniform, but, she was slowly breaking away his shell

"have you ever had a girlfriend" fleur asked

"not really, i have had several flings, but no-one substantial enough to be considered a girlfriend, i lost my virginity on a bet" i said

"a bet" fleur said

"last year, an opponent of mine, made a bet with me, that she could sink more ships then i could, she won, so we slept together, that was her side, the girl was exceedingly horny, but a bit tsundereish, if you know the term" i said

"what was yours" fleur asked curiously

"she buy me lunch" i said with a shrug, as fleur laughed

"that is so lopsided, you want food, she wants sex

"as i said exceedingly horny" i said

"have you had any other experience in bed" fleur asked

"quite a bit actually, my crew is so tightly knit, we have basically all fucked each other by proxy at one point in another, practically all the boys and girls have gotten with one another, at one point or another, some times repeatedly, there was this one girl, who would ask me for sex as a reward, when she got a particularly high grade on a test, she recently graduated" i said

"what happens if you get with someone" fleur asked

"everything else would cease, i highly respect women, and have only ever asked another for sex, once, that was a particularly bad day for me, and i needed to relieve stress" i said

"what happened" fleur asked

"the brits tried to steal my money from me" i said in disgust

"fortunately the goblins were reasonable and allowed me to transfer my money since i was thirteen and the last heir, there was a clause that said i had access to all of my vaults, i had it all transferred to the ishikawa vaults, i was quite stressed and quite angry so i went to a very particular woman, the same one that asked for sex as reward, and i had my way with her, with her consent, ironically she said it was the best sex she'd ever had, that woman is a serious masochist, because i was not gentle, but eh here we are, that is the only time, i have ever lost control of myself" i said

"duly noted, you hate the english" fleur said

"indeed, but i can still deal with them if necessary as this has proven" i said

"well, maybe we can do this again next weekend" fleur asked, i nodded

"i don't see why not, having foreign friends would be good for me, for when i become head of the ishikawa-clan" i said, she frowned, was he blind or dense

"and to answer the question, i am sure your thinking, no i am not dense, however i have been called paranoid, and i hope to at least maintain a friendship, if this relationship that is being built doesn't work out" i said, she nodded, that made sense to her

and so the next month went by, and fleur and hayato grew closer as a result

"fleur, would you do me the honor of going to the yule ball" i asked

"i was hoping you would ask me, cutting it a little close aren't we" fleur asked

"i originally didn't want to go at all, but you will make the whole thing much more bearable" i said

"do you not like the ball" she asked

"i find the whole idea a waist of time,  my friends will be made aboard a magical naval vessel, the bond that forms their is as close as blood, and i won't have to constantly look over my shoulder worrying about some backstabbing bastard, but as i said, taking a beautiful woman such as yourself, will make it more bearable, and i don't just mean your looks" i said, she smiled

"why thank you good sir" fleur said, her smile growing ever so slightly, she knew his compliment was genuine she had, learned hayato didn't give compliments unless they were earned, and even then, 'acceptable' was considered high-praise when coming from hayato ishikawa, hayato made sure he at least appeared as an incredibly hard man to please, even if it wasn't necessarily the truth

the night of the ball approached, and hayato was wearing his dress uniform, which looked even more fancy then the usual white officers uniform he wore, there were also several medals pinned to the uniform showing off his accomplishments at the academy, and even one full medal, that he received when his ship came to the aid of a japanese warship that had been caught in a bad storm

the ball was incredibly enjoyable for one fleur delacour, she didn't really expect to enjoy herself at the ball, believing she'd have to take an idiot who was enthralled by her allure, instead she was able to take an intelligent, handsome young man, she didn't expect the man to be such a good dancer either, but hayato had led her all across the dance floor, and it took her breath away, this was everything she could have wanted from a romantic date, at the end of the night hayato had escorted fleur to her carriage

"i have a gift for you" i said

"you shouldn't have" she said, i smiled, as i handed her a small mirror

"a mirror" she asked, his smile only grew as he pulled out his own

"fleur" he said, and she watched as his face appeared on the mirror

"our navy uses these extensively, as they are dead useful" i said

"should you be using it so frivolously then" she asked, his smile grew feral

"one of the very few good things that came from britain was my godfather, who is the one who created them, he allowed the navy their use, and even taught how to make them, on the condition, i could use them for whatever i wished" i said, she smirked

"i see, then a gift as special as this, should always be reciprocated" fleur said before hayato could protest to having his gift at all reciprocated, she  leaned in and kissed him tenderly, the kiss was about ten seconds long before she pulled away

"maybe consider me your girlfriend" she asked

"of course, if you consider me your boyfriend that is" i said, she smiled

"good night" she said, i bowed

"good night ma'am" i said

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