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waking up next to a beautiful woman like fleur in the morning, is always a wonderful feeling, especially with what they had done the night before, she was laying on his chest, and feeling her breath against his skin was intoxicating, he simply lay there petting her hair, letting her sleep

she eventually began to stir, as she found her beloved stroking her hair, she smiled

"good morning 'ayato" fleur said

"morning love" i responded

"are you enjoying petting me" she asked

"just a bit" i said, as she pulled away from me

"we must get up for the day, you can pet me later" she said, i nodded acquiescingly, as i climbed out of bed

"might we eat in the hogwarts great hall, the one thing i will say about hogwarts it makes excellent food" fleur said, he sighed

"fine, only because i love you" i said, she smiled, as we got up, and started to get dressed

"couldn't you wear your kimono" she asked

"i have a reputation to uphold, only those i am very close to have seen me in anything other then my uniform, that number can be counted on one hand" i said, she sighed choosing not to argue, as the two of us finished getting dressed and going to breakfast, fleur had pulled me towards what i believed was the ravenclaw table, much to the disappointment of the gryffindors

"Mr. ishikawa, i didn't think we'd ever see you eating here with us, let alone us ravenclaws, if you did eat here we expected you'd be with the lions, i'm cho chang, you may remember me from being on cedric arm at the yule ball, or remembering i was his hostage" cho said as she walked up to us, i nodded, when she spoke of being cedric's hostage she had a tinge of disgust in her voice, obviously displeased by that

"a pleasure miss chang" i said

"could we meet in a more private setting later" she asked

"i have a meeting at 1300 hours, so would 1500 hours work for you" i asked, she nodded

"that would be fine" she said

"finally someone who understands military time" i muttered

"i know more then you think" she said, i gave her an eyebrow raise intrigued by her

"then i will send someone to collect you, and i assume Mr. diggory at 1500 hours, actually that is a good opportunity, now that i think about it, i have something i wish to discuss with the champions and their hostages from the second task, we can have our meeting after the fact if that works for you" i said, she nodded

"it does" she said

"good then i will see you at fifteen hundred hours" i said, she nodded, and left

after breakfast fleur convinced me to explore the castle with her, i would have preferred to have a date not in hogwarts itself but, i acquiesced, as we explored until around noon thirty, before returning to the musashi, it was then i noticed fleur was a bit nervous which confused me, at one a clock sharp, the delacour parents and their youngest stepped in gabrielle looked much different then i remember from the lake

"well then, i assume you have the contract" i said, he handed the contract over, as i looked it over, my grandfather had already given me permission to sign it in his stead since it was for my future, but as i read the contract, the more confused i became

"this is not a betrothal contract, this is an mistress contract" i said

"a family of your ranking can have up to three mistresses, at a given time" jean-sebastian said, as i looked to fleur who was smiling encouragingly, i rubbed my head, and looked up

"explain please" i said

"originally we wouldn't have even brought a contract into question we would have let fleur choose her own future, but when she told us how perfect you were for her, we had no real choice but to acquiesce to her request, we didn't think she would find someone so perfect for her, yet you fell directly into our laps, and she isn't one to let an opportunity go" apolline said

"explain, better" i said

"what do you know of our kind" apolline said

"very little your people guard your secrets religiously" i said

"we are offspring created by a ritual designed to subjugate a succubus, it sort of succeeded, the succubi as a race went extinct and in their place, the much less dangerous much more submissive veela were born, fleur has told you she has certain fetishes, those fetishes are also instinct, she lives to be subjugated by her mate, even my own husband doesn't have such control of me, but that is do to him being affected by our allure, which makes things significantly more dangerous for us, you are unaffected by the veela allure, as such and the fact you saved another veela from what might have been certain death, fleur would not have succeeded in rescuing gabrielle, both fleur and myself know that for certainty, it was why she suddenly became so panicked at seeing gabrielle, you saved her, that cemented yourself in fleur's eyes, and in our families eyes" apolline said

"what do you mean" i asked

"when a member of a veela's family enters into a master's service, that entire generation enters as well, it's tradition, if i weren't married i would also be yours, the magic of my marriage bond is the only thing holding me back from bending the knee as it were, fleur finding you when she did was great timing, as veela maturity is very different from a human's, it happens in the span of few hours at their fifteenth birthday, which is in fact july 14th of this upcoming summer, when that happens gabrielle will have a need to mate. we hope that by that point you will have fully learned how to be the perfect master for our family" apolline said

"i see, if i do 'mate' with gabrielle as you put it, what happens" i said, absorbing this new information

"she would be yours, she would be even more loyal to you then fleur, completely broken in, and other men wouldn't be able to satisfy her, she would be utterly yours" apolline said

"and is that what gabrielle wants" i asked, looking towards the girl in question

"yes, my instincts are calling out to me, i have never felt this way before, it is amazing, if you accept me i will be in your care, master" gabrielle said

"that is why the contract says the delacour girls, and not just fleur" i said, jean-sebastian said, yet again entering the conversation

"correct, it is a loophole, as it is common for sisters to find themselves, in service to a lord" jean-sebastian said

"fine, i accept" i said

"most men would jump at the chance to have two veela in their bed" apolline pointed out

"yet that is why your here is it not, because i am not like most men" i asked, she nodded her agreement to that

"true" apolline said

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