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fleur didn't really know what to expect when she entered the captain's quarters aboard the musashi, but what did immediately catch her eye was hayato himself, as this was the first time she had seen him in something not his military uniform instead he wore an emerald kosode, with grey hakama, black tabi socks, and a pair of tall geta, he looked handsome before but his asian face combined with his new attire made him absolutely amazing, in her eyes

he was cleaning his katana, but upon her entering he paused and looked up, smiling he sheathed the sword

"welcome fleur" i said

"can we cut to the chase i really want to kiss you right now" fleur said, i chuckled

"certainly" he said, as his face morphed from amused to serious "i am very committed to the navy, that means it is possible, i could be pulled from you to fight, at any point" i said, she nodded

"i have already come to terms with that, i am only worried that i won't be able to see you as often because you are specifically apart of the navy" she said, i shook my head

"the magical navy is a bit more lax on that front, during peacetime, spouses are allowed to stay on board, of course during wartime they are shipped home" i said, she nodded

"this is mostly do to extension charms allowing us to give each officer aboard their own space, that we can do this, but if your truly okay with the possibility of me going to war, and potentially leaving you a widow" i said

"as i said i have come to terms with it" she said, i nodded

"i am a very easy person to please, so what do you want out of this relationship" i asked, she paused, for a moment but pulled out a sheet of parchment and handed it to him, he raised his eye as he read it

"i did not expect you to be into this" i said, she shrugged

"i am a veela" she said, as if it explained everything, which it did

what hayato was reading was a consensual-slavery contract

"do your parents know about this" i asked curiously

"my mother does, my father not so much, he is aware that there are certain things we do not wish to share, veela are a predominantly submissive species, as well as a species made for sex, that particular contract highlights things i particularly enjoy" she said

"a sadomasochist, in every form, this is why you wanted the betrothal contract then" i said, she nodded

"i would still want you even if you don't 'appreciate' my fetishes, you would still give me all of my other needs, veela look for strong mates, and you are the strongest i have seen, so instinctually i want you, but i also want you emotionally, you are everything i could want in a man, even despite my fetishes, you won't use me, or abuse me, more then i am asking for anyway" fleur said

"i would have preferred if you had brought this to me yourself, instead of getting your parents involved" i said

"i originally didn't intend to, but daddy offered me the opportunity, i wasn't gonna pass up" fleur said, i nodded, as i sat there for a moment in thought

"i have one stipulation" i said

"of course, my needs are not all that matters in a relationship" fleur said

"i care about my reputation very deeply, what i have told you of my previous escapes few people know, besides those actively in the navy, reputation matters, when you are a military officer, and heir to a very influential family" i said

"are you asking me to play the proper wife for you" she asked with a smile

"only in public, when we are behind closed doors, i'll put the collar around your neck myself, and in those circles where this is practiced, as well" i said, her smile grew

"agreed" she said, i nodded, as i got up walked towards her wrapping my arms around her waist and kissing her deeply, she moaned at the affection she was being shown, when they separated he stared into her eyes

"when the betrothal contract goes into affect this contract can go into affect as well" i said gesturing to the contract on the coffee table

"agreed" she said

"then will you stay with me, my love" i asked

"yes" she said, as we shared another deep kiss, as they moved towards the nearby couch and began to make out

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