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as promised after classes hayato found his way home, where he was welcomed by the hired help of the family, they had not just house-elves but also humans in their employ at the estate, as takashi preferred a human touch on occasion, of course hayato had his own personal servants that had begun to pack their things for the long stay in britain

takashi and hayato celebrated hayato's promotion to lieutenant commander

"i have a cruiser lined up for you when you get back, and are promoted to commander, she will be brand new right off the line, that'll give you a real advantage in next years wargames having a cruiser for a flagship" takashi chortled

"you are an evil old man" i said, he shrugged

"i try" he said as the two laughed

the next morning hayato had finished packing and his personal house-elf, goh, had taken his things to the musashi, as hayato himself apparated to the dock, where he walked to the ramp that led aboard the massive battleship, he took a good look at the legendary battleship letting out a sigh before climbing aboard, he was met by a midshipman

"lieutenant-commander ishikawa" the woman asked in english

"why are you speaking in english" i asked in japanese

"rear admiral's orders all personnel are to speak in english, to get reaccustomed to the language it is impolite after all to speak in a language your compatriots don't understand" the midshipman said

"name" i asked agreeing with the admiral and switching to english

"ise chisato, sir" she said

"midshipman ise, i assume your to lead me to the rear admiral" i said, she nodded, and led the way

"sir, yes sir" she said

"lead the way" i said, she nodded and led the way to the ships bridge

"rear-admiral nagatora, lieutenant commander ishikawa, reporting as ordered" i said saluting

"ah yes, takashi's boy, and as punctual as he said you'd be, welcome aboard the musashi, how does it feel boy" the old man asked

"mystical" i said, he chuckled

"that says something considering you are an imperial mage" he said, i nodded, the imperial magical academy wasn't just all magicals it was in fact all elite naval personnel, muggle or magical, the magicals were known as imperial mages

"well, are you going to do as you were ordered commander" the admiral asked

"my apologies, i relieve you, sir" i said

"and i stand relieved, take care of the musashi boy, she's a good ship, and the pride of our navy, at least until the relaunch of the yamato anyway" the admiral said as he left the bridge his first officer commander yamaguchi following, i sighed as i took my place at the front of the bridge looking out

then i realized, as i turned

"did the first officer just depart as well" i asked

"yes sir, it was believed that do to his higher ranking he may supersede your authority, the highest ranking officer in our fleet will be a lieutenant commander" a lieutenant said, and i blinked

"and who is my XO" i asked

"they should be arriving by the end of the day sir" the lieutenant said, i sighed

"i am going to get settled into my quarters we are at dock so i doubt anything will happen, inform me, upon my XO's arrival" i said

"yes sir" the man said

"midshipman ise, your still here, good, you know where my quarters are yes" i asked

"yes sir, the captain's quarters are this way" she said as she led the way, i followed her to a large suite of rooms, and i was reminded why i loved magic this was obvious created through the use of extension charms, and was quite comfortable

"the rear admiral had already moved his amenities out, and your house-elf had brought in your things and has already unpacked, your first officer and adjutant should be arriving shortly sir" midshipman ise said

"thank you midshipman, i assume i also have an office" i said

"yes sir" she said as she led the way to the commander's ready room where there were two guards standing at the door

"identification" the guard on the right demanded

"i am lieutenant-commander hayato ishikawa, in command of this ship" i said

"yes sir, you may go in sir" the guard responded, i nodded as i entered the office

"thank you midshipman, that will be all your dismissed" i said, she nodded and left as i sat behind the desk

"goh" i called for my house-elf, as he appeared

"tea please" i said, the elf nodded, popped away, a few moments later he popped back i placed the tea cup and plate on the desk as i got to work looking over the fleet

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