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the three battlegroups were being pulled together into one combined fleet, this meant that their would be a new standardized fleet formation, with the new first fleet being born

the new fleet included the flagship IJN: MUSASHI, it's escort two nagato-class battleships the nagato and the mutsu, two tone-class cruisers the tone, and the chikuma, four agano-class cruisers the agano, the noshiro, the yahagi, and the sakawa, six shiratsuyu-class destroyers, the shigure, the yūdachi, the umikaze, the yamakaze, the kawakaze, and the suzukaze, four akizuki-class ships, the fuyutsuki, the suzutsuki, the natsuzuki, and the hanazuki, four matsu-class destroyers, the nara, the sakura, the yanagi, and the tsubaki, their were also fourteen type-C destroyer escorts, and twelve type-D destroyer escorts, this was the compliment of the first battlegroup, the new additions included the kongō-class fast battleships, the kongō, the hiei, the haruna, and the kirishima, the taiyō-class escort carriers, the taiyō, and the unyō, the chitose-class light-carriers, chitose and chiyoda, the shinano-class aircraft-carrier shinano, these were transferred from the second battlegroup, the fifth battlegroup was giving up the sōryū-class aircraft carriers, sōryū and hiryū, and the shōkaku-class aircraft-carriers shōkaku and zuikaku, it was clear the entire first fleet were simply rebuilt and overhauled ships from world war two, as the second and third fleets were getting brand new top of the line ships

the third training fleet included the flagship an agano-class light cruiser, the haguro, six matsu-class destroyers, and eight type-C-class escort destroyers, it would be commanded by hayato's cadet XO, hiroyuki sayako, i smiled, the girl was hayato's junior by a year, but was like himself incredibly professional, he would miss her

a knock was heard at the door

"enter" i called, as two women walked in one holding the rank of lieutenant commander and appeared to be in her early twenties the other looking to be just a couple of years older then himself, and was a cadet

"lieutenant-commander suzuki akira reporting" suzuki said in a bright vibrant voice, that made me sigh, she was the obnoxious type, just great

"cadet taniguma tsukiko reporting sir" the cadet said pushing up her glasses, i recognized that name

"from the fifth training fleet" i asked, she nodded

"yes sir" she said

"do you know how long i have been trying to get my hands on you for my fleet" i asked, a very very small smile graced the cadets lips

"i am glad to be appreciated sir" she said, i nodded, the lieutenant-commander did not like being ignored

"oh why don't you pay attention to me captain" she asked 'great an obnoxious flirt, just wonderful' i thought sullenly

"commander, first tone your voice down to a dull roar, second, do you know what the word professional means" i asked

"boring" she said

"why are you apart of our navy" i asked

"GUNS, the battleships have the biggest guns" she said as she began to salivate, i blinked 'and a gun freak wonderful' i thought

"well, i hope you can still do your job, i do not need a free loading XO, i will be exceedingly busy as is, what with the triwizard tournament to prepare for" i said

"yes sir, you do not have to worry sir, i'll keep the ship in tip top shape" she said loudly

"tone it down, commander, i do not need to see the medic because my first officer gave me a headache" i said, she smiled sheepishly

"sorry sir, i am just really excited, i mean we are on the musashi" she said

"yes we are, and you are disrespecting her, by not acting professionally, we disembark tomorrow i will give you today to get your nerves together, i expect an officer of the japanese magical imperial navy reporting on the bridge at 0800 hundred tomorrow, dismissed" i said, she saluted and left

"now then, you can help me get through these ship reports, cadet, i do not wish to be here all day" i said to taniguma, who nodded, and sat down at the front of the desk and aided her captain in going through all of the reports for the seventy seven ships under my command, this was a huge fleet then again the first fleet was the japanese fleet, this would be the entire naval force of magical japan

the next fleet will be built for the MACUSA's use, an academy is already underway of being built in america for the magical navy, this was a japanese project, but the goal was protecting the entire magical world, and having one fleet just wouldn't cut it

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