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hayato ishikawa, heir to the ishikawa-clan one of the four great clans of magical japan, the most prominent families in magical japan, was a star student at kōkai academy, he currently had command of the third training fleet, the japanese naval academy had seven training fleets he commanded the third superbia fleet, the fleet of pride, and hayato was the antithesis of his fleets namesake he had almost no pride, but he was a very skilled and humble commander, his sensei and adoptive grandfather, the head of the ishikawa family, takashi ishikawa had taught him well

takashi was also the headmaster and the admiral of the imperial magical navy, so it came as surprise to hayato when he was called to the headmaster's office, he entered walked up to the headmaster's desk and saluted

"cadet hayato ishikawa reporting sir" i said

"i note you are carrying tsukihime" takashi said noticing the katana at his student and adopted grandson's left hip

"sir, yes sir, even among allies anything can happen sir" i recited, takashi nodded satisfied

"you have learned good, there is no such thing as too cautious, now, about your rank, you are hereby given a field commission to lieutenant commander, this rank will allow the command of a destroyer should it be assigned, as you know" takashi said, but the old man had seen a look of confusion

"sir i am only in my fifth year of training i still have four years to go before graduating and earning my rank" i protested, he sighed

"true, and the emperor knows this as well, and you will still be granted the opportunity to continue your learning here, however, this rank is mandatory, for what has happened, it is at times like this i am glad you keep your grades as high as you do, you will be skipping your next year at the academy, and will be in your sixth year" takashi said, i blinked

"sir" i said even more confused

"harry" takashi started, and i knew immediately i would not like where this conversation was going, takashi ishikawa only called hayato by his old name three times the first was to tell him who he was, and his history, the other two times were to give news that essentially meant he'd have to interact with the idiocy that was magical britain

"permission to speak freely sir" i asked

"granted" he said sighing

"what the hell have the british done now" i asked

"they have entered you into a magical tournament, where if you don't participate there is a very high chance you will lose your magic" takashi said, my hand around tsukihime's hilt tightened

"does that mean, what i think it means" i asked

"you will lose your connection to your sword spirit" takashi confirmed

"damn it all" i said

"on the bright side, and the reason for your promotion, the emperor believes we are ready" takashi said, i blinked

"how many are we sending" i asked

"the first, second, and fifth battlegroups" takashi said

"wait the first fleet is led by the musashi" i said, he nodded

"you will be in command of the musashi for this mission, on your return from britain you will be given a promotion to commander, and will be given full command of your own ship, i have even pulled strings to allow your cadet crew to be your full crew even during your tenure here" takashi said, my eyes glazed over, now that was a reward

"when does the fleet set out" i asked

"in two days, you are to report to the musashi to relieve rear admiral nagatora of command tomorrow, to take command and prepare yourself, you are ordered to partake in the tasks but do not allow yourself to be used or manipulated if necessary you are to respond with force, that is why we are sending such a large force, you and i both know how much britain will wish to get their hands on their golden boy" takashi said, my eyes rolled at that title

"yes a disgusting title i agree, you can of course refuse these orders, no cadet can be given orders to enter danger until after the graduation however the consequences of refusing are dire" takashi said

"what of my crew" i asked

"the third training fleet will be going on this expedition as well, they are being loaded with live ammunition and will of course remain under your command use them as you see fit, so long as you remember the laws of this navy, the emperor has decided that if your going, you might as well represent us, so do try and win" takashi said

"very well, i shall inform the student council i shall be gone for the year and will not be able to complete my usual duties" i said

"yes, i get to deal with the trouble makers since the school enforcer will not be here to keep everyone in line" takashi grumbled, i got back to attention and saluted

"dismissed, lieutenant commander, tonight you are free to sleep ashore i want you home" takashi said, i nodded and left

the student council president was none to pleased to here of hayato's departure, she didn't voice this however do to her not so professional reasons as to why she was displeased, the naval academy was very strict, and while hayato was a useful addition to her staff to take care of the trouble makers that always found their way through the cracks, he wasn't strictly necessary, no the reason she wasn't pleased was do to the huge crush she had on him, she was only a year ahead of him, and she absolutely loved the young man that was hayato ishikawa, he was the definition of charismatic, he was the youngest cadet captain the academy had seen since it's founding in nineteen fifty-three, and that was do strictly to his charisma, a cadet captain was an electoral position, you had to be chosen by the crew of your ship to lead them, and he was, she had always wished to be apart of his crew from the stories she had heard, he took care of his people, she was the XO of her own ship, and had always tried to find means of getting transferred to his vessel

a girl can dream, she then frowned, he was leaving do to the triwizard tournament the french were one of the three chosen schools her frown deepened to a scowl, the french were known to be the main home to the veela

"shit" she cursed

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